Sample Handling

The Thermo Scientific sample handling portfolio contains the most comprehensive selection of vials and closures, from microsampling to headspace, to match all of your application and autosampler requirements. Improve sample security and integrity with the Thermo Scientific™ AVCS™ 9mm closures and SureStop™ 9mm screw top vial range. Our vials and closures offer you assurance of uninterrupted productivity on every separation and analysis procedure.

SureStop Vials and AVCS Closures

When used together, SureStop Vials and AVCS Closures significantly reduce the error rate of analysis that results from evaporation of solvent in vials that are not sealed correctly.

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WebSeal Well Plates & Mats

A comprehensive range of well plate products for
high-density sample handling in chromatography.


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Microsample Spring Inserts

See why an autosampler glass vial insert with a spring is by far the better option for small sample volumes.


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Sample Preparation

Your sample is precious and you cannot afford failures. Thermo Scientific has a comprehensive range of products designed to deliver clean and consistent extractions using innovative sample preparation technologies for your analytical needs.



This first fritless SPE product range which has been specifically designed for bioanalysis provides greater reproducibility with cleaner, more consistent extracts. Thermo Scientific SOLA™ products provide unparalleled performance characteristics compared to conventional SPE, phospholipid removal and protein precipitation products.

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SMART Digest Kits

Designed for biopharmaceutical and proteomic applications that require highly reproducible, sensitive and fast analyses of proteins, often in high-throughput workflows.

Learn more about Smart Digest Kits.


Titan3 Syringe Filters

Providing cleaner sample extracts by removing interfering materials and fine particles. Delivering high-quality, robust filtration products for a wide range of samples and applications.

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LC and GC Columns and Solvents

Thermo Scientific has been a leader in LC and GC column technologies for over 40 years. You can be confident in the quality of Thermo Scientific products, including the latest and most comprehensive range of innovative columns and accessories for HPLC, UHPLC and GC techniques.


Accucore Core-Enhanced Technology

Solid-core particles enable high-speed, high-resolution separations with back pressures significantly lower than those associated with UHPLC.

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TraceGOLD GC Columns

The premium standard in GC column performance, TraceGOLD™ GC Columns deliver low-bleed, excellent reproducibility and high levels of inertness.

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UHPLC-MS Solvents

Thermo Scientific ultra-high-purity solvents are designed to deliver the highest sensitivity, ensure low formation of metal ion adducts, and improve peak profiles.

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EasySpray LC Columns

Ensure robust nano and capillary flow with an integrated design that eliminates dead volume and is temperature-controlled for maximum reliability and performance.

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BioLC Columns & Accessories

The analysis of biomolecules demands a range of sample separation modes, column chemistries and column configurations. Thermo Scientific polymeric and silica columns in analytical and nano-scale formats are designed to handle these challenging separations.

BioLC Columns

Challenging Charge Variants: ProPac Elite WCX LC

Providing fast, high-efficient and high-resolution separations of proteins and glycoproteins based on their accessible surface charge. 

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Oligonucleotides: DNAPac RP

Superior resolution and separation of oligonucleotides, including double-stranded (ds) DNA/RNA fragments

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Charged Variants: MAbPac SCX-10

Quickly and easily target a wide range of antibodies and their charged-state variants using MAbPac SCX-10.

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pH Gradient Buffers:
CX-1 A&B

Simple to optimise and easily automated to obtain fast and highly robust, reproducible HPLC gradients.

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