Thermo Scientific SMART Digest and SMART Digest ImmunoAffinity (IA) Kits

Thermo Scientific SMART Digest and SMART Digest ImmunoAffinity (IA) Kits

Thermo Scientific™ SMART Digest™ and SMART Digest Immunoaffinity (IA) kits are designed to make digestion of proteins for biotherapeutic characterization and quantitation easy to use, fast and highly reproducible.

SMART Digest Kits include everything you need to perform protein digestion in one box. The technology is based on a heat stable enzyme (Trypsin, Chymotrypsin or Proteinase K) which is immobilized onto a bead (either magnetic or non-magnetic). This design helps revolutionize how protein digestions are performed.

Easy to use: Just a few simple steps

stepS to use smartDigest

The process involves adding the pre-prepared buffer supplied with the kit to the immobilized Trypsin beads (supplied pre-packed in PCR tubes or loose packed to fit your format needs), then adding your sample before heating and shaking for a predetermined time. The sample is then cleaned before analysis.

Fast: Proteins can be digested in just a few minutes compared to overnight


Each PCR tube contains 14µg of immobilized enzyme which can digest between 200pg to 3.5mg of total protein.

This not only helps remove the protein quantitation step but rapidly speeds us the digestion process. 

Typical SmartDigest digestion times

Highly reproducible: SMART Digest kits deliver highly reproducible results user to user

Highly reproducible: SMART Digest kits deliver highly reproducible user to user


Removal of the large number of chemicals required and laborious steps needed to perform an in-solution digest means that the SMART Digest Kits are able to deliver highly reproducible results. The below chromatogram shows 3 overlaid chromatograms of the same digested monoclonal antibody by 3 different users on 3 different days with an RSD of <5%.

The SMART Digest ImmunoAffinity (IA) Kits

The SMART Digest ImmunoAffinity (IA) Kits have all the advantages of the SMART Digest Kits but with the added advantage of combining an immunocapture and digestion process into a single well.

This has significant benefits for quantitation studies where immunoaffinity capture is typically employed to increase sensitivity by purifying low level proteins from complex biological matrices.  This step is then followed by digestion.

SMART Digest IA kits help provide a process which is:

  • Easy & Simple
  • Fast – a few hours compared to overnight
  • Highly reproducible and sensitive

What is included in SMART Digest and SMART Digest IA Kits?

These kits are designed in a number of formats to meet your application needs:

  • Three different enzyme options (Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Proteinase K)
  • Pre-packed beads in PCR tubes
  • Bulk bead options which can fit different well or plate formats
  • Magnetic and non-magnetic bead options to fit with automation devices e.g. Thermo Fisher Scientific™ KingFisher™ platforms
  • Options with filtration or microelution SPE for post digestion clean up of samples from complex matrices
  • Three different immunoaffinity capture options (Streptavidin, Protein A and Protein G)