How to Gain Process Efficiencies with Your -80°C Storage with Advanced Ultra-low Temperature Freezers from Eppendorf

Documentation and traceability are key elements of any workflow in your pharmaceutical laboratory. Find out how the Eppendorf CryoCube F740hi -80°C freezer can support your audit trail, and more…

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Find out how Eppendorf cold storage solutions can support your audit workflows and processes by:

  • Reducing the burden to create and collate freezer trend data
  • Simply report on events and alarms
  • Drive your ULT freezer maintenance schedules

Discover how VisioNize touch enabled devices can support you by:

  • Provide enhanced sample safety and traceability
  • Track who has accessed the samples and when
  • Limit set point changes to specific users

Webinar key topics:

  • Understand the possible challenges with cold storage auditing documentation
  • Learn how Eppendorf ULT freezers can contribute to your compliance processes
  • Understand the possibilities for creating audit files using the VisioNize Lab Suite

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Our Speaker

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Mr. Stephen Dey

Head of Regional Segment Marketing Europe, Eppendorf

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