Development of Small and Large Molecules


Biology and medicine need to combine their resources to discover additional natural regulatory mechanisms of molecular and body processes in order to contribute to the maintenance of body metabolism and physiological functions.

Small molecules (e.g. drugs) have been explored as substitutive organic compounds that are now instrumental in impacting cellular players, and have become beneficial effectors against known body disorders.

Large molecules have a complex structure that can affect biologic functions and influence body mechanisms, thereby becoming essential therapeutic media and future medical treatments.

The development of small and large molecules is dependent on highly regulated technological processes right up to the bio-convenient manufacturing stage. Many major biotech providers seek to deliver further therapeutic tools and solutions for known human illnesses, or in many cases for life-influencing conditions in dermal, cardiovascular or neural diseases.

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Synthesis of Small Molecules

Small molecules are synthesized via synthetic methods from simpler organic precursors that contain a variety of functional groups. Through the Fisher Scientific channel you can choose from a variety of organic, organometallic or heteroatom-functionalized compounds (e.g. organic oxygen compounds, such as organic acids and their derivatives).

Synthesis of Large Molecules

Synthesis of large molecules (e.g. peptides) requires different consumables, ranging from an affordable source of amino acids to commonly used reagents (e.g. acetic anhydride) as well as solid-phase substrates required to obtain ready-to-use peptide polymers.

Purification of Molecules

Purification by chromatography permits accurate compositional analysis that is useful in pre-clinical or analytical research workflows. The Fisher Scientific channel can offer a wide range of products for analysis, from columns and cartridges to protein digestion and purification tools, as well as mass spectrometry reagents and solvents.

Analysis of Molecules

For analysis of both small and large molecules, a variety of devices and reagents are required, including HPLC, UHPLC, FPLC, and LC-MS systems. The Fisher Scientific channel can offer a variety of column types, as well as high-quality solvents, buffers, standards, and other accessories suitable for all your analytical needs.

Equipment and Safety

A clean and safe work environment is essential for the synthesis and manufacture of high-demand molecules and polymers. The Fisher Scientific channel can offer a wide variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety clothing, as well as other products required to maintain your work space in regard to clinical or other quality regulations.

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