Eppendorf™ 5427R Centrifuge with FA-45-30-11 Model Rotor

CE-IVD Cooled Centrifuge 5427R G, 230V, GB-plug, w/30x2ml rotor

Eppendorf™ A-2-MTP Rotor

Compatible with Eppendorf™ 5430/5430 R Centrifuges. Eppendorf™ A-2-MTP Rotor features windshield design for whisper quiet operation. Rotor A-2-MTP w/2xMTP-buckets and rotor lidplus windshield

Eppendorf Adapter S-4xUniversal Rotor

Facilitates the use of specific sizes, shapes, and numbers of vessels in rotor buckets for S-4xUniversal rotor. x2 Adapter for 50ml tubes with skirted bottom, Centriprep, 30ml Oak Ridge, in S-4x Universal rotor

Eppendorf™ MixMate Tube Holder

Designed for use with MixMate Vortex Mixer TUBE HOLDER 24X1,5/2ML MIXMATEReaktionsgefäße

Eppendorf™ Reference™ 2 EU-IVD Single Channel Fixed Volume Pipette

Extraordinary precision and accuracy, a long service lifes and an ergonomic design. EU IVD Reference 2 G, single-channel, fixed, 20ul, light gray EN15173676

Eppendorf Cooled Centrifuge 5427R G

Aerosol-tight, cooled centrifuge functions safely and reliably with a variety of rotors. non-IVD Cooled Centrifuge 5427R G, 230V, GB-plug,w/o rotor

Eppendorf Cooled Centrifuge 5910R G

High-capacity, versatile, refrigerated centrifuge with a main swing-bucket rotor that holds conical tubes and plates. Non-IVD Cooled Centrifuge 5910R G, 230V, GB-plug,w/rotor S-4x and adapters (5/15/50ml, microplate)

Eppendorf™ Eppendorf Tubes™ Conical Tubes

Use these tubes for the simple and safe processing of sample volumes up to 5.0mL. Eppendorf Tubes™ represent the perfect option for working with medium–sized sample volumes. x100 Protein LoBind tube 5ml, PCR clean, bagged/50

Eppendorf™ 96-Well twin.tec™ PCR Plates

Ideal for extreme applications such as multiple heat sealing x20 twintec PCR 96, un-skirted, dividable, blueteilbar: VE=20 Stück

Eppendorf™ DNA LoBind Tubes

Maximize sample recovery of nucleic acids by significantly reducing sample–to–surface binding. Eppendorf™ DNA LoBind Tubes are ideal solution for sample preparation and long-term storage of samples. X200 Conical Tube 15ml, DNA LoBind, PCR cleanbagged/50

Eppendorf™ Adapter for 18-place Rotor

Designed for use with Eppendorf Cryovials™ and HPLC Tubes Adapter for HPLC vials for rotor F-45-18-17-Cryo

Eppendorf™ Cell Culture Flasks with Plug Seal Cap, Non-Treated

Preferred vessel for long term cultivation or large-scale expansion of cells, providing protection against contamination. Eppendorf™ Cell Culture Flasks with Plug Seal Cap, Non-Treated are sterile, pyrogen-, DNase-, RNase-, human and bacterial DNA-free and non-cytotoxic. X48 Cell Culture Flask T-175, plug-seal cap, non-treated, sterile, non-cytotoxic, bagged/4

Eppendorf™ Xplorer™ Plus, Multi-Channel, Variable

The future in your hands. With the Eppendorf Xplorer/Xplorer plus electronic pipette, your work achieves a new level of simplicity, precision and reproducibility. non-IVD Xplorer plus, 16-channel, variable, 5-100ul, light yellow

Eppendorf™ ThermoMixer™ C Accessory: Smartblock™ Thermoblocks

Maintain accurate uniform temperatures with these thermoblocks. Eppendorf™ Smartblock™ Thermoblocks are compatible with Eppendorf ThermoMixer™ C, and support a broad range of applications. SmartBlock for micro and deepwell plates , w/lidMicrotest- and Deepwell-pates with lid

Eppendorf™ Research plus™ Variable Adjustable Volume Pipettes: Single-Channel

Adapt for specific liquids or other external conditions with these ultra-light fully autoclavable pipettes. Eppendorf Research plus™ Variable Adjustable Volume Pipettes feature a spring loaded tip cone, a secondary adjustment option and an improved volume display. non-IVD Research plus G, single-channel, variable30-300ul, orange, incl. epT.I.P.S. box

Eppendorf™ Research plus™ Fixed-Volume Pipetters

Resistant to chemical, thermal, and mechanical stress non-IVD Research plus G, single-channel, fixed, 100ul, yellow

Eppendorf™ Centrifuge Bucket

Designed for use with Eppendorf Rotors and Centrifuges x4 Rectangular buckets 250ml for A-4-62

Eppendorf™ UVette™ Starter Set

STARTER SET EPPENDORF 4099100007 UVETTE INCLUDESsetof uvettes, universal adapter

Eppendorf™ epTIPS™ LoRetention Tips

Unique material property provides maximum sample recovery, improved reproducibility and higher sensitivity for detergent containing liquids X480 epTIPS LoRetention 0.1-10ul (1 box of 5 trays)

Eppendorf™ 1000μL Polypropylene 96-Well Deep Well PCR Plates

Manufactured from pure polypropylene. Eppendorf™ 1000μL Polypropylene 96-Well Deep Well PCR Plates are high-performance plates for all manual and automated applications. x20 Deepwell PP 96/1000ul, green (5 bags of 4)grün, VE=5x 4 Stück

Eppendorf™ ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.™

Use these tips for the ultimate protection of pipette and sample against unintentional and unnoticed contamination by aerosols, drops and splashes. Eppendorf™ ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.™ feature two filter layers to provide dual protection against aerosols. X960 ep Dualfilter TIPS 2-100ul PCR clean/96

Eppendorf™ 96-Well Sterile Polypropylene U-Bottom PCR Microplates

Pipette, control and recover samples with this polypropylene microplate. Eppendorf™ 96-Well Sterile Polypropylene U-Bottom PCR Microplates are ideal for assays that require high resistance against temperature or solvents. x80 Microplate 96/U-PP, clear, barcoded, sterile Farbe (Wells farblos), VE=80

Eppendorf™ 96-Well Cell Polypropylene Imaging Plate

These cell imaging plates are suitable for growing adherent cells due to their TC-treated surfaces. X20 Cell Imaging 96-wells Plate, black/clear, TC-treated, flat bottom, lid, sterile, ind. wrapped

Eppendorf™ Concentrator Plus with Pump and GB Plug

Provide best treatment for sample and assure quick, efficient and gentle vacuum concentration of DNA/RNA, nucleotides, proteins and other liquid or wet samples. Eppendorf™ Concentrator Plus Complete is an ergonomic, intuitive and durable solution that fits on your lab bench. Concentrator Plus, complete w/pump, 230V GB-plug,w/o rotor

Eppendorf™ Reference™ 2 EU-IVD Single Channel Fixed Volume Pipette, Yellow

Extraordinary precision and accuracy, a long service lifes and an ergonomic design. EU IVD Reference 2 G, single-channel, fixed, 25ul, yellow EN15103686

Eppendorf™ epTiPS LoRetention Dual filter Pipette tips

Optimally coordinated to Eppendorf pipettes. Eppendorf™ epTiPS offer minimal attachment and ejection forces with the highest level of tightness. SAMPLE EPTIPS LORETENTION DUALFILTER 2-100UL

Eppendorf™ 96-Well DNA LoBind Deep Well Plates

Accelerate your manual and automated work processes with these 96-well polypropylene plates. Eppendorf™ 96-Well DNA LoBind Deep Well Plates allow high speed pipetting without splashing, excellent mixing and high speed centrifugation. x20 Deepwell PP 96/1000ul, Protein LoBind, blueLoBind, gelb, VE=5x 4 Stück

Eppendorf™ S-4-104 Rotor Adapters

Available in a wide range of configurations to suit a variety of applications X2 ADAPTER 250ML BOTTLE ROTOR S-4-104

Eppendorf™ 200 to 830nm Wavelength Range BioSpectrometer™ Fluorescence

BioSpectrometer Fluorescence, 230V/50-60Hz, GB-plug

Eppendorf™ Rotor Lids

Designed for use with Eppendorf Rotors Rotor lid for FA-45-30-11 ONLY (5804726006)


Resources About Eppendorf

Eppendorf - In touch with life

Eppendorf is a leading company in the field of life sciences, with a series of high-quality, innovative products and technologies.

Eppendorf are highly dedicated in providing high quality products and expert application support, which the life science community has come to expect from a worldwide leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment.

Their fully trained team of dedicated Product & Application Specialists are available for pre and post sales and application support across our whole range of products.

The range extends throughout our three main competence areas:

  • Liquid Handling
  • Sample Handling
  • Cell Handling

The harmonised product systems support the user during the varied solutions for laboratory tasks. This means that Eppendorf can offer a sophisticated product portfolio in all areas of the bio sciences as well as in medical research, medicine and also industrial applications.

The key area of focus for Eppendorf's partnership with Fisher Scientific is Bio Tools, which includes products such as pipettors, dispensers and centrifuges, and consumables such as microplates, sample tubes and pipettor tips.

The last few years have seen Eppendorf launch of many innovative products including:

  • Mastercycler® pro thermal cyclers
  • A new generation of microcentrifuges 5418, 5424, 5430
  • The light-weight and ergonomic Research plus pipette
  • The Xplorer electronic pipette
  • epT.I.P.S.® LoRetention
  • Microplates
  • twin.tec divisible PCR plates