Microplate Instrumentation

Thermo Scientific™ ALPS 50 V-Manual Heat sealer

Apply consistent, secure, tight seals around individual wells, eliminating sample loss through evaporation and cross contamination between wells.

Corning™ Storage Mat Applicator

Quickly applies Storage Mat III to 96-well plates

Thermo Scientific™ Microplate Reader Verification Plates

Thermo Scientific Microplate Reader Verification Plates are dedicated performance verification systems helping to verify and document the key performance parameters of Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC, Multiskan Sky, Luminoskan, Fluoroskan FL, and Varioskan LUX.

BioTek™ ELx808™ Absorbance Microplate Readers

Store up to 55 user-programmable protocols. BioTek ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Readers read 96-well microplates and provide precise, accurate, and repeatable results.

Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ Combi Reagent Dispenser

Meet your lab's specific needs with outstanding flexibility and performance with the easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ Combi Reagent Dispenser.

Thermo Scientific™ Wellwash™ Versa Microplate Washer

Wash 96- or 384-well plates securely with the Thermo Scientific™ Versa™ Microplate Washer, an easy-to-use microplate-strip washer for routine ELISA applications.

Biochrom ™ EZ Read 400 Research Microplate Reader

The EZ Read 400 is a simple and robust microplate reader that is an ideal choice for laboratories which require a workhorse instrument for their routine absorbance assays.

Thermo Scientific™ ALPS 3000™ Automated Microplate Heat Sealer

Seal in heat fast with this automated heat sealer, designed for both optimal robotic integration in high throughput labs and manual benchtop control.

BioTek™ Synergy™ H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Filter/Dichroic Fluorescence Microplate Readers

Configurable multi-mode microplate reader. BioTek′s patented Hybrid Technology offers high performance and applications versatility in a modular platform to expand as your laboratory′s needs change.

Merck Millipore Handheld Magnetic Separator Block

Cost-effective handheld magnetic separator block constructed of polycarbonate, corrosion-resistant steel, and polypropylene. Handheld Magnetic Separator Block is designed for use with 96-well flat bottom or conical well plates.

BioTek™ 800TS Absorbance Reader

For measuring absorbance in microplate-based assays

Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ Combi Accessories

Guarantee excellent dispensing results and day-to-day performance with combi accessories.

BioTek™ Synergy™ H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Monochromator Fluorescence Microplate Readers

Flexible monochromator-based detection with high performance dichroic-based filter detection. BioTek Synergy H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Monochromator Fluorescence Microplate Readers with its monochromator optics supports top and bottom fluorescence intensity, UV-visible absorbance and high-performance luminescence detection.

Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop Combi nL Reagent Dispensing valve

Optimize dispensing results with this range of accessories.

Eppendorf Heat Sealer S100

Provides user-friendly and reliable hermetic sealing of a variety of multiwell plates.

Axygen™ EasyPress Sealing Mat and Film Applicator

Provides simple and effective application of Axymats and ImpermaMats

BioTek™ 405™ LS Microplate Washer

Accurate, precise and fast washing

BioTek™ Synergy™ HTX Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Compact, affordable system automates absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and AlphaScreen™/AlphaLISA™ measurements. BioTek Synergy HTX Multi-Mode Microplate Reader provides superior performance in all detection modes using a unique dualoptics design. The absorbance detection optics design uses a xenon flash lamp and monochromator for filter-free wavelength selection from 200 to 999nm in 1nm increments.

Thermo Scientific™ Cap-It Tool (for domed cap strips)

Make sealing PCR and qPCR plates or tube strips easy

Thermo Scientific™ μDrop™ and μDrop Duo Plates

Thermo Scientific™ µDrop and µDrop Duo plates are used for low volume (2-10 µl) photometric DNA, RNA and protein quantitation and purity analysis. The µDrop plates are compatible with Thermo Scientific Varioskan LUX and Multiskan SkyHigh microplate readers. The ready-made protocols in SkanIt software or Multiskan SkyHigh user interface make quantification fast and easy.

BioTek™ ELx50 Waste Bottle

Provides waste containment

BioTek™ 405™ LS Microplate Washers For 96 Well Microplate Washing

Fifth generation washer automates basic 96-well dispensing and aspiration

Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ Combi, 384 and DW Reagent Dispenser Accessories

Guarantee excellent dispensing results and day-to-day performance with reagent dispenser accessories.

BioTek™ BioStack™ 3 Microplate Stacker

Compact and versatile microplate stacker compatible with BioTek's washers, dispensers, detectors and imaging systems

BioTek™ ELx405™ Select Deep-Well Microplate Washer

World's first deep well microplate washer that aspirates and dispenses into 96- and 384-well plates <50mm in height

BioTek™ Gen5™ Data Collection and Analysis Software

Compatible with BioTek microplate readers. BioTek Gen5 Data Collection and Analysis Software has a contemporary interface which provides easy access to all major functions of the software including reading parameters, plate layout, data reduction, online help, wizards, tutorials and sample protocols.

BioTek™ Microplate Washer Complete Dispense/Waste Systems

Various systems available for use with microplate washers

BioTek™ Lamp Replacement Kit for ELx808™ Ultra Microplate Readers

Accessory for use with ELx808 Ultra Microplate Readers.