Particulate Detection

Cytiva Whatman™ HEPA-Vent Filter

Strengthened glass filter media by dual lamination with a tough polyester monofilament. Whatman™ HEPA-Vent Filters are ideal for air and gas filtration applications where high retention, dirt-holding capacity and flow rates are required.

Sartorius™ Sartopore™ Liquid Filter Capsules

Ensures highly economic and safe filtration performance. Sartorius™ Sartopore™ Liquid Filter Capsules provide high-performance polyethersulfone (PES) liquid filtration from single-layer high flow solutions to specific Mycoplasma retentive filters. Available in a broad variety of different pore size combinations.

Welch™ PTFE Inline Filter

Economical in-line particulate filter maintains the cleanliness and proper operation of your vacuum pump. Welch™ PTFE Inline Filter protects your vacuum pump from fine particulates and aerosols to 0.2 microns.

Cytiva Whatman™ HEPA-Cap Disposable Air Filtration Capsules

Retains 99.97% of all particles ;≥ 0.3 µm in air and gas streams. Whatman™ HEPA-Cap Disposable Air Filtration Capsules are used throughout the scientific, research and industrial environments in a variety of air and gas filtration applications where high retention, dirt-holding capacity and flow rates are required.

Integra Biosciences™ Hydrophobic Membrane Filter

Protect the vacuum source during aspiration with this membrane filter. Integra Biosciences™ Hydrophobic Membrane Filters are designed for use with VACUSAFE Aspiration Systems.

Cytiva Whatman™ 1PS Disposable Phase Separating Paper

Creates a hydrophobic filter that can replace separatory funnel in some applications. Whatman™ 1PS Disposable Phase Separating Paper is impregnated with stable silicone to allow solvent phases to pass through while retaining aqueous phases.

Sartorius™ Midisart™ 2000 PTFE Air Filter

Designed for easy handling and maximum safety in air filtration. Sartorius™ Midisart™ 2000 PTFE Air Filter entirely eliminates moisture breakthrough because of its inherently hydrophobic PTFE membrane reinforced with polypropylene gauze. Stepped hose barb connectors ensure a simple and secure hold.

Cytiva Whatman™ Quartz Air Sampling Filters, Grade QM-A, Circle

Used in many air sampling filter applications, including sampling of acidic gases, stacks, flues, and aerosols. Whatman™ Quartz Air Sampling Filters are sequentially numbered according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and are suitable for most applications.

3M™ Organic Vapor Monitors

Lightweight, self-contained monitors record time-weighted average (TWA) vapor concentrations in factories and industrial, histology, cytology, and clinical labs

Macherey-Nagel™ NucleoSpin™ Filters with Collection Tubes

For filtration of cell and tissue homogenates in RNA isolation. Macherey-Nagel™ NucleoSpin™ Filters with Collection Tubes are included in NucleoSpin™ RNA Plant kit and provide thorough homogenization and reduction of lysate viscosity.

Spectrum™ Spectra Mesh™ Woven, Nylon Filters

Consist of individual strands woven into a mesh screen

Cytiva Whatman™ Hepa-Cap™ In-Line Venting Filters

For use in scientific, research and industrial environments where high retention, dirt-holding capacity and flow rates are required

Cytiva 1PS Phase Separator Filter Paper

Whatman 1PS Phase Separator is a high-grade filter paper impregnated with a stabilised silicone that renders it hydrophobic

Spectrum Labs™ mPES MicroKos™ Filter Modules, Sterile

Spectrum Labs™ mPES MicroKos™ Filter Modules, Sterile are single-use, hollow fiber filters designed for tangential flow filtration.

Spectrum Labs™ CultureGard™ Filter

Two CultureGard™ filters used in series provide the ultimate sterile barrier against the risk of culture contamination possible during media feeding and culture perfusion

Cytiva Whatman™ Polycap™ HD 36 Disposable Capsule Filters

Ensures a finishing step yielding high purity final product. Whatman™ Polycap™ HD 36 Capsule Filters are suitable for filtering chemical solutions across wide temperature and pH ranges.

Cytiva Whatman™ HEPA-CAP 150

inlet 3/8 in. FNPT, outlet 3/8 in. FNPT

Merck Millipore Millistak+™ HC Pod Disposable Depth Filter System

Combine two distinct technologies to enhance filter capacity and retention

Kinesis™ Precolumn Inline Filters

Protect larger columns and injections from harmful particulates

Merck Millipore MicropreSure™ On-Line Filtration Sampler

For applications where the membrane has to be transferred to the medium. MicropreSure™ On-Line Filtration Samplers save steps and speed collection.

Merck Millipore Polypropylene, SAN Milliflex-100

Used for general microbiological analysis. Polypropylene, SAN Milliflex-100 combines a funnel and a gridded membrane filter in one device.

Cytiva Whatman™ Polycap™ TC High-Capacity Capsules

Developed for safe, efficient filtration of critical biological and tissue culture solutions. Whatman™ Polycap™ TC High-Capacity Capsules include PES membranes for excellent flow rate and protein absorption characteristics.

Cytiva Whatman™ Vacu-Guard Filter

Helps to confine and isolate infectious materials in vacuum systems and protect the laboratory. Whatman™ Vacu-Guard Filter protects vacuum pump systems from solvent vapor or gaseous contaminants and aqueous aerosols.

Merck Millipore OptiScale™ Capsule Filters for Aseptic Processing Applications

Small-volume option for process screening and scaling

Cytiva Polypropylene On-line Filter Kit

Used for chromatography applications.  Cytiva Polypropylene On-line Filter Kit are resistant to organic solvents and salt buffers commonly used in chromatography of biomolecules.

Alfa Aesar™ PTFE Sheets

High chemical and electrical resistance

Qiagen Uni-Core Manual Punch, 3mm

Achieve easy and cost-effective punching at the quality standards you expect. Uni-Core Manual Punch product range provides manual punching for Whatman FTA, 903 and DMPK cards. Available in multiple diameters for maximum versatility.