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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ NHS-Activated Agarose

N-Hydroxysuccinimide ester resin and columns to covalently immobilize proteins, peptides and other amine-containing ligands for affinity purification.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 26197

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The activated affinity resin is available as a slurry or dry powder, allowing simple and efficient immobilization of proteins to a beaded-agarose support. The beaded agarose support contains N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) functional groups that react with primary amines to form stable amide linkages. The coupling reaction is performed in an amine-free buffer at pH 7 to 9. Protein coupling efficiency is typically greater than 80%, regardless of the molecular weight or pI the ligand. Coupling capacity exceeds 25mg of protein per milliliter of resin. Once a ligand is immobilized, the prepared resin can be used for multiple affinity purification procedures. The crosslinked beaded agarose has fast linear flow potential, making it useful for gravity-flow and low- to medium-pressure applications.

The Pierce NHS-Activated Agarose resin is available in an anhydrous acetone slurry and as dry powder. The unique dry form does not require storage in or removal and disposal of the acetone solvent. In addition, the dry resin is ideal for coupling reactions with dilute samples because it concentrates the sample as the resin swells, reducing the volume of the starting material and resulting in highly efficient ligand immobilization.


  • Easy to use – immobilize in a simple one-step reaction with minimal hands-on time

  • Rapid and efficient – greater than 85% coupling for most proteins within 30 minutes

  • Innovative – the dry agarose concentrates the sample, making it ideal for immobilizing dilute proteins

  • Safe – no hazardous chemicals needed (e.g., sodium cyanoborohydride, cyanogen bromide)

  • Versatile – affinity resin is adaptable to column and batch affinity chromatography techniques and FPLC applications

  • Compatible – use with any primary amine-containing compound

  • Reusable – the leak-resistant chemistry means you can reuse the affinity resin

  • High binding capacity – binding capacity of >30mg/mL (slurry) or >25mg/mL (dry resin)



Pierce NHS-Activated Agarose, Dry Resin
NHS-activated crosslinked 6% beaded agarose, dry powder
Preparing 30 to 37.5mL of resin and immobilizing 1 to 10mg of protein per mL of resin