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Thermo Scientific™ GlycoLink™ Immobilization Kits and Resin

Immobilize polyclonal antibodies or other glycoproteins, via periodate-oxidized sugars, onto hydrazide-activated polyacrylamide beads for AP, IP or pull-down assays.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 53149

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Additional Details : CAS Number : 886-77-1 Weight : 1.81440kg

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The GlycoLink Kits use hydrazide-activated resin and a special catalyst to prepare affinity columns with polyclonal antibodies, which typically have abundant carbohydrates (glycosylation) on their Fc portions. Any glycosylated proteins (even monoclonal antibodies) that contain periodate-oxidizable carbohydrate groups can be immobilized with these kits to make reusable affinity columns. Antibodies immobilized by this hydrazide immobilization chemistry have unobstructed antigen-binding sites and optimal purification capability. Prepared columns with stable glycoproteins or antibodies can be regenerated and reused at least five times for affinity-purification without significant loss in binding capacity.


  • High-capacity – immobilize 1 to 10mg of oxidized antibody or other glycoprotein per milliliter of resin

  • Fast and efficient – immobilize in as few as 30 minutes; achieve at least 90% coupling of most glycoproteins in less than 4 hours (efficiency depends on the amount and type of glycosylation)

  • Specific immobilization – the hydrazide-activated UltraLink Resin conjugates only to purified glycoproteins whose sugar (e.g., sialic acid) groups have been gently oxidized with periodate

  • Stable attachment – resonance structure of the hydrazone bonds are sufficiently stable for multiple affinity purifications with one batch of prepared resin; no stabilization step is required

  • Preserves antibody function – immobilizes IgG via the Fc region, thereby keeping both antigen binding sites available for capturing target

  • Convenient sizes – choose from two complete 10-column kits: one with 1mL columns and one with 0.1mL columns

UltraLink Hydrazide Resin:

  • Ligand: hydrazide
  • Support: Thermo Scientific UltraLink Biosupport
  • Spacer arm: 22 atoms
  • Loading: activated with at least 15μmol hydrazide per milliliter of settled resin
  • Format: 50% resin slurry in 0.02% sodium azide


Kits contain GlycoLink Columns; coupling buffer, coupling catalyst and wash buffer; oxidizing reagent; desalting columns, PBS buffer pack; and column accessories

Recommended for:

Purify antigens using covalently coupled antibodies; Determine binding partners for a glycoprotein of interest; Perform large-scale affinity purifications



UltraLink Hydrazide Resin
Hydrazide-activated UltraLink Resin, slurried in water with sodium azide
Immobilizing 1 to 10mg of polyclonal antibody (glycoprotein) per mL of resin

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