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Invitrogen™ SiteClick™ sDIBO Alkyne Kits for Antibody Labeling

Easily attach Alexa Fluor&trade, pHrodo&trade, and Biotin sDIBO Alkyne tags to azido-modified antibodies using SiteClick&trade chemistry.

Brand:  Invitrogen™ C20034

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Generate site-specific labeled antibody conjugates with SiteClick sDIBO Alkynes for Antibody Labeling. Our SiteClick sDIBO Antibody Labeling kits are optimized to be used in conjunction with the SiteClick Azido Modification kits (S20026, S10900, or S10901 sold separately) and contain sufficient reagents to perform a conjugation reaction of a SiteClick sDIBO Alkyne label using 100 µg, 1 mg, or 5 mg of azido-modified IgG antibody. The SiteClick sDIBO Alkynes for Antibody Labeling employs copper-free click chemistry to covalently link a dibenzocyclooctyne (sDIBO) labeled Alexa Fluor dye, pHrodo dye, or biotin to an azido modified antibody. The label, when attached to the antibody, is located far away from its antigen binding domain.

Create your own covalently labeled antibody conjugates using the SiteClick sDIBO Alkyne labels, which are intended for use with azido-modified antibodies. SiteClick sDIBO Alkyne Antibody Labeling Kits include the sDIBO Alkyne and the antibody concentrator, enabling copper-free covalent attachment of Alexa Fluor and pHrodo dyes, biotin, or molecules of your choice. When used with the SiteClick Antibody Azido Modification Kit (available separately as Cat. No. S20026, S10900, S10901), labeling occurs on the heavy chain N-linked glycans, far away from the antigen-binding domain, enabling excellent reproducibility between separate labeling reactions and multiple antibody species and subtypes. The SiteClick sDIBO alkyne kits for antibody labeling are optimized for conjugation reactions, covalently linking 100 µg, 1 mg, or 5 mg of azide-modified IgG antibody.

The SiteClick Antibody Azido Modification Kit (Cat. No. S20026, S10900, S10901) is recommended for the attachment of an azide moiety to the heavy chains of an unlabeled IgG antibody. Other engineered antibodies containing azido moieties are also suitable.

When used in conjunction with the SiteClick Antibody Azido Modification Kit, the SiteClick sDIBO alkyne kits for antibody labeling give you the option of trying different fluorescent labels for your antibody, attaching other molecules via streptavidin, or attaching your own molecule via amine-reactive moieties, depending on your assay. Our sDIBO alkynes are improved versions of DIBO cyclooctynes, yielding conjugates that are less 'sticky' and emit lower signal background in biological samples.

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Store in refrigerator at 2–8°C.



Click Chemistry
Wet Ice
Azido modified antibodies
pHrodo, SiteClick
Contains 1 vial of SiteClick pHrodo iFL Red sDIBO Alkyne for Antibody Labeling, 1 vial of DMSO, and 1 antibody concentrator
RFP, Texas Red
Blue, Yellow
100-250 µg
pHrodo iFL Red
sDIBO Alkyne
Store in refrigerator (2–8°C) and protect from light.
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