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Find a Thermo Scientific™ SureSTART™ vial or well plate for nearly every GC or HPLC/UHPLC instrument, application and budget.

Three distinct SureSTART performance levels — differentiated by instrument compatibility, performance, reproducibility and value — make selecting the right product simple, clear and easy.

Why Choose Thermo Scientific SureSTART?

  1. The confidence of knowing every SureSTART product has undergone stringent testing for the desired performance level
  2. Instrument compatibility for all add-on and integrated chromatography autosamplers
  3. Sample security and low compound adsorption that protect valuable samples
  4. Three distinct performance levels to meet your price and performance needs
  5. Extend your consumables budget: The more you buy, the more you save

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SureSTART Vials and Well Plates: Accurate Results Start Here

Learn more about the three distinct SureSTART performance levels differentiated by instrument compatibility, performance, reproducibility and value.


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 Performance Level Overviews
When to UseCost-optimised products suitable for all HPLC/UHPLC and GC instrument types and tested for everyday analysesHigh-throughput products for high-quality GC and HPLC/UHPLC data with an uninterrupted workflowTypically packed in cleanrooms to protect against environmental factors, reduce low compound adsorption effects at trace levels, and contain the lowest amounts/levels of metals, extractables, and leachables; helping ensure you get the sensitivity and selectivity from your most challenging analytes confidently and consistently
Market ExampleAcademic/food analysisFood safety, clinical, environmental, pharma, QC, industrial, forensicsPharma/biopharma, clinical, pharma QC, omics
Instrument TypeVerifying compound presence and quantification using core detector technologies such as UV/Vis, PDA, RI, ELSD, FLD, FID, NPD, ECD, TCD, or FPDRoutine analyses via standard single or triple quadrupole MS systemsHigh-resolution accurate mass (HRAM) technologies, such as Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ mass spectrometer or time of flight (ToF) MS/ion mobility (IMS)
Certification OptionsAutosampler approved — tested to deliver performance, sample security and reproducibilitySpecification certification by physical parameterCertificate by physical parameters:
  • • LC/GC Certificate using HPLC-UV or GC-FID
  • • MS Certificate using MS
  • • MS Certificate+ using MS, pre-cleaned, packed in cleanroom
Thermo Scientific SureSTART OfferingVials: Glass, plastic, inserts
Caps: AVCS™ caps, snap
Well plates: WebSeal™ plastic
Vials: Glass, inserts, headspace, silanized, EPA, specification certified
Caps: AVCS™ caps, bonded, magnetic, snap
Kits: EPA, scintillation, crimpers, de-crimpers
Well plates: WebSeal™ certified plastic
Vials: SureStop™ vials, gold-grade, headspace, fixed insert, micro-spring
Caps: AVCS™ caps
Certified kits: LC/GC, MS CERT, MS CERT+; TOC Electronic crimpers, decrimpers and station
Well plates: WebSeal™ Plate+ (glass-coated)

Simplifying Selection

Choosing the right vial depends on several set criteria: technique (e.g., LC, GC, or HS), instrument manufacturer, and whether the compounds being detected are light-sensitive or not (do you require clear or amber glass?).

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  • Quick lookup tool helps you find the right vial for your autosampler type
  • One side features recommended part numbers for LC instruments and, the other, GC instruments

Our Fisher Scientific representatives are here to help. Learn more about how you can make your budget go further, or let us be your guide to determine which combination is most suitable for your application requirements.

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