Ensure Security of Supply with Fisher Scientific

Verlassen Sie sich auf unsere Liefersicherheit mit Fisher Scientific Verlassen Sie sich auf unsere Liefersicherheit mit Fisher Scientific

Evolving in highly regulated environments? Are transparency, traceability and reliability from order to delivery mandatory elements for your operations?

Our Production Programme is the perfect solution for you. The Fisher Scientific Production Programme's main goal is to support all customers evolving in highly regulated environments, from order to delivery, by ensuring the security of supply.

Our Production Programme helps mitigate risk, ensures traceability and increases productivity through key services.

By registering for the Fisher Scientific Production Programme you will benefit from additional  customised solutions and a dedicated Programme Account Specialist managing the entire cGMP portfolio across Europe.

Our services offer a customised portfolio of cGMP products extending from personal protective equipment, cleanroom and production supplies to bioreagents and chemicals.

Customer Care

Customer Care Management to Mitigate Risk

  • Personalised Account Management: a dedicated team to support your operations and your requirements by strengthening their supply chain to deliver quality and regulatory compliance.
  • Good understanding of your constraints and needs:  Our dedicated team has a clear understanding of the factors affecting the production environment such as FDA Regulatory Compliance, on-time delivery, limited space/resources, quality documentation, change notifications.
  • On-boarding process to follow your specific requirements: your dedicated Programme Account Specialist is in charge of understanding your requirements, facilitating implementation of customised solutions with external as well as internal partners and monitoring quality management of orders. The dedicated Programme Account Specialist is the single point of contact provided in our organisation to maintain your dedicated cGMP portfolio during the entire product life cycle and ensure security of your supplies.

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Supplier and Quality

Supplier and Quality management to ensure traceability

  • Product Change Notifications (PCN) Service: Fisher Scientific has established a Change Notification Service, part of Global Production Service, which correlates our customer’s request to our supplier’s change notification. This notification can be customised to your needs.
  • We ensure full transparency through a detailed product supply map from manufacturing plan to your warehouse.
  • Fisher Scientific supports aggregation of multiple Supplier Quality Agreements through one Unique Quality Agreement leading to productivity efficiency for our customers.
  • Our partners and our processes are monitored via audits to meet ISO standards. Corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) are defined to eliminate causes of non-conformities or other undesirable situations.

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Supply Chain

Inventory, Storage, Material Handling and Logistics to increase productivity

  • The Production Programme includes custom reserved inventory management to ensure on time and in full deliveries with lot management.
  • Our European distribution centers are certified for temperature sensitive and hazardous materials, reagents handling and storage.
  • The Production Programme enables security of your supplies through consistent deliveries for warehouse efficiency gains.



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