Pumps and Tubing

Fisherbrand™ FB70155 Pump

Oil-free piston pump. Fisherbrand™ FB70155 Pump designed for general duty laboratory applications requiring only rough vacuum or moderate pressure. PUMP FB70155 FISHERBRAND

Fisherbrand™ Rubber Tubing

For transferring liquids, gases and dilute acids. 10M Rubber tubing 25x31,5mm

Fisherbrand™ PVC Transparent Tubing

Can be steam sterilized at 121°C. 10M Tubing pvc normal wall transparent bore 3mm wall 0.75mm

Fisherbrand™ Bunsen Burner Neoprene Tubing

Suitable for use with coal and natural (methane) gas burners. 600MM tubing neoprene bunsen b

KNF™ Portable Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Use this pump for sampling, evacuating and compressing applications. KNF™ Portable Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps permit gentle distillation and high rates of recovery even with low-boiling solvents. PUMP KNF N86KT.18 DIAPHRAGM OIL FREE CHEMICAL resistant 230V 50Hz flow rate 5.5l/min, UK plug

Fisherbrand™ Transparent Terylene Mesh PVC Tubing

General purpose tubing for transfer of fluids, gases, and powdered foods 10M Tubing reinforced transparent pvc, terylene mesh reinforcement colourless 10mm x 3mm

Watson-Marlow Thermoplastic Marprene Tubing

Use this tubing for a wide variety of applications. Watson Marlow™ Thermoplastic Marprene Tubing is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, offers long tubing life and is highly resistant to oxidizing agents such as ozone, peroxides and sodium hypochlorite. 15 M MARPRENE II TUBING FOR PERISTALTIC PUMPS,1.6MM WALL THICKNESS, BORE 4.8MM. (15 METRES, ONE

Pyrex™ PTFE Screwthread Connector

Attaches easily to glassware with flexible tubing. Pyrex™ PTFE Screwthread Connectors are ideal for connections in contact with aggressive liquids or chemical vapours. X10 Screwthread connector PTFE

Fisherbrand™ Silicone Tubing

For consistently reliable and accurate fluid transfers. 10M Tubing silicone rubber 12.5 2.25mm

Fisherbrand™ GP1100 General Purpose Peristaltic Pump System

Combines highly regarded peristaltic pump technology with innovative digital control to provide robust performance at an economical value. Fisherbrand™ GP1100 General Purpose Peristaltic Pump System ideal for a variety of applications. GP1100 peristaltic General Purpose Pump System

Fisherbrand™ Silicon Rubber Platinum-cured Tubing

Ideal to use with peristaltic pump due to its higher tear strength and less vulnerability towards splitting or mechanical damage. 5M Silicone tubing, platinum-cured, 25x31,5mm

Fisherbrand™ Red Rubber Tubing, Heavy Wall

Highly resilient, heavy-wall red rubber tubing. Fisherbrand™ Red Rubber Tubing is suitable for vacuum use and the transfer of liquids, gases, and dilute acids. 10M Tubing heavy wall rubber red 20mm o.d. 8mm x 6mm (bore x wall)

Azlon™ Polypropylene Water Jet Vacuum Pump

Suitable for most laboratory water pressures WATER JET PUMP

Edwards Fittings for BOC High Vacuum Pumps: Blank Flange

For use with BOC high vacuum pumps NOZZLE,RIFFLED,NW25

Smiths Medical™ Portex™ Fine Bore LDPE Tubing

Offering softness, a light weight and excellent chemical resistance in the laboratory. Smiths Medical™ Portex™ Fine Bore LDPE Tubing has a smooth bore for ease of cleaning. Tubing, polyethylene, fine bore, sterilelightweightand flexible polyethylene 30m coil -20

Fisherbrand™ GP1000 General Purpose Peristaltic Pump System

Use this tubing pump for consistent fluid delivery and contamination free pumping in peristaltic pumping applications. Fisherbrand™ GP1000 Peristaltic General Purpose Pump System features accurate, reliable control of flow and dosing. GP1000 peristaltic General Purpose Pump System

VACUUBRAND™ Rubber Vacuum Tubing

Works with Vacuubrand™ diaphragm and other pumps with 10mm or 3/8 in. hose barbs. Vacuubrand™ Rubber Vacuum Tubing DN 8mm is also available. 1M Rubber vacuum tubing DN 6

Welch™ WOB-L Piston Dry Vacuum Pump 2534

Perfect for many common laboratory vacuum applications. Welch™ WOB-L Piston Dry Vacuum Pump 2534 is reliable, easy to adjust, and easy to monitor. Wob-L dry vacuum / pressure pump with vacuum &pressure regulator & gauges

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 180 Clear Plastic PVC Tubing

Perform a range of non-medical applications with Thermo Scientificâ„¢ Nalgeneâ„¢ 180 Clear Plastic PVC Tubing, which resists hardening and discoloration. 30M TUBING,PVC CLEAR,NALGENE 180 BORE X WALL

GE Healthcare Peristaltic Pump

Single-channel peristaltic pump combines reproducible flow rates with simple operation. GE Healthcare Peristaltic Pump functions either as a standalone unit, or interfaced with programmable fraction collectors. PERISTALTIC PUMP P1

Edwards Vacuum™ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Delivers excellent ultimate vacuum pressure, high pumping speeds and superior vapor handling capabilities with quiet operation. Edwards™ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps feature a unique mode selector switch enabling either high vacuum or high throughput applications. Vacuum pump type RV5 115/230V, 1-ph, 50/60Hz

Fisherbrand™ KDS100 Legacy Syringe Pump

Accommodates 10μL to 60mL glass or plastic syringes of any make. Fisherbrand™ KDS100 Legacy Syringe Pump is an infusion pump with a fast flow rate. SYRINGE PUMP NUMERIC 1 CANAL

Fisherbrand™ Neoprene Tubing

Used in flow lines for fluids and gases in a variety of applications. 10M Tubing neoprene 10x12mm

Welch™ WOB-L Piston Dry Vacuum Pump 2511

Perfect for many common laboratory vacuum applications. Welch™ WOB-L Piston Dry Vacuum Pump 2511 is reliable and economical. Dry Vacuum Pumpe/Kompressor Welch 2511C-02

Pyrex™ Polypropylene Screwthread Connectors

Attaches easily to glassware with flexible tubing. Pyrex™ Polypropylene Screwthread Connectors withstand temperatures up to 140°C X10 Connector spare safety polypropylene 9mm tubing

Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Medium Walled Tubing

Features great mechanical strength and low coefficient of expansion. Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Capillary Medium Walled Tubing is highly resistant to chemical and thermal shock. X20 LENGTHS TUBING BOROSILICATE GLASS MEDIUM WALL

Saint-Gobain Tygon™ R-3603 Lab Tubing

Formulated for resistance to flex fatigue and abrasion and is less permeable than rubber tubing. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tygon™ R-3603 Lab Tubing handles virtually all inorganic chemicals found in the lab. 15M TUBE TYGON E3603 1,6X4,8MM

Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Pump with UK and US Cables

Quiet in operation with very low vibration. Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Pump with UK and US Cables designed for general duty laboratory applications requiring only rough vacuum or moderate pressure. Vacuum pump with Schuko, UK and US cables vacuum100mbar, flow rate 15L/min 90-260V 50-60Hz 144mm

GL45 Screw cap Twin Hose Connector for Pyrex GL 45 media-lab bottle

Connect GL45 media bottles with flexible tubing using a twin hose connector. The GL45 screw cap twin hose connector for the Pyrex™ GL45 media-lab bottle keeps solutions sterile. X2 Screw cap, autoclable, GL 45 with two hose connectors

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 180 Clear Plastic PVC Vacuum Tubing

Make practical and efficient use of this Nalgene 180 vacuum tubing, thick-walled PVC which can withstand a full vacuum (29.9 in. (760mm) Hg) at room temperature. 15M TUBING,PVC CLEAR,VACUUM BORE X WALL 12.7 X