Special Purpose Thermometers

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Refrigerator/Freezer Alarm Thermometers

Provides accurate reading when freezer/refrigerator doors are open with temperature-buffered, sensor-sealed in bottled glycol solution

Brannan™ Digital Fridge Thermometer with Alarm

Sounds an alarm sounds and flashes LED lights for 5 seconds every minute when the temperature goes outside the safety zone. Brannan™ Digital Fridge Thermometer with Alarm includes 1m probe cable and suction pad.

H-B Frio-Temp SP Scienceware™ Calibrated Electronic Verification Thermometers, Calibrated for General Applications

Digital thermometers verify sample temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, incubators and ovens. Available calibrated for specific applications and equipment.

Fisherbrand™ Min./Max. Thermometer

A safe alternative to glass thermometers.

Brannan™ Magnet Reset Max Min Thermometer

The Magnet Reset Max Min Thermometer has a traditional and robust design making it deal for outdoor use as well as in the greenhouse and other critical temperature environments.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Noncontact Infrared Thermometers

Portable thermometers measure infrared surface temperatures with view fields of 6:1 to 8:1

Brannan™ White Wall Thermometer

Takes measurements with miscible red spirit filling. Brannan™ White Wall Thermometer. Displays both °C and °F temperature scales and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Fisherbrand™ Mini IR Traceable™ Thermometer

Pocket-size infrared thermometer captures temperature readings of any surface—liquids, solids and semisolids—in less than a second

Hanna Instruments™ T-Shaped Thermometer

Calibration check device ensures accuracy

Brannan™ Workplace Thermometer

Gives clear indication of the recommended temperatures for workplaces in accordance with Workplace. Brannan™ Workplace Thermometer includes large figures and graduations and marked boldly at 16°C.

Brannan™ Oven Batch Sampling Thermometer

These precision test thermometers are sealed into a 30mL polypropylene bottle containing a heat transfer medium and are ideally suited to monitor the temperatures of samples in controlled storage.

H-B™ SP Scienceware™ Frio Temp™ Verification Thermometer

To verify sample temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, incubators and ovens with traceability to NIST

H-B Instrument™ High-Precision Enviro-Safe™ FRIO-Temp™ Liquid-in-Glass Verification Thermometers

To verify sample temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, incubators and ovens with traceability to NIST, DAkkS/PTB

Brannan™ Horizontal Fridge Freezer Thermometer

Indicates recommended food storage temperature zones. Brannan™ Horizontal Fridge Freezer Thermometer sits on a shelf or hangs from a rack.

Brannan™ Batch Sampling Thermometers

Confirms typical conditions to which batches in process or storage are subjected. Brannan™ Batch Sampling Thermometers help to smooth out temperature fluctuations caused by thermostats or the opening of cabinets.

Cole-Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ Traceable™ Jumbo Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer with Calibration

Alarm provides alert when temperature rises above or falls below a set point

Brannan™ Large Patio Dial Garden Thermometer

Brannan™ Large Patio Dial Garden Thermometer features an attractive rainbow design and is easy to hang.

Brannan™ Scoop Bath Thermometer

Brannan™ Scoop Bath Thermometer features an integrated scoop cup bottom for taking bath water samples for temperature measurement.

Brannan™ Forehead Clinical Thermometer

Brannan™ Forehead Clinical Thermometer is a safe, reusable thermometer strip that takes body temperature on contact.

Brannan™ Styrene Wall Thermometer

Brannan™ Styrene Wall Thermometer is large with bold black print and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

H-B Instrument™ FRIO-Temp™ Precision Liquid-in-Glass Verification Thermometers

To verify sample temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, incubators and ovens with traceability to NIST™ and DAkkS.

Brannan™ Brass Sugar and Jam Thermometer

Brannan™ Brass Sugar and Jam Thermometer includes recommended zone labels for the various sugar cooking points.

SI Analytics™ Resistance Thermometer

SI Analytics™ Resistance Thermometer is used to measure temperature and changes resistance when there is a change in temperacture.