Grant Bio™ Densitometer

These compact benchtop densitometers (suspension turbidity meters) are ideal for measuring turbidity of cell suspensions in a variety of life science applications. DENSITOMETER GRANT BIO DEN-1 TUBE 230V 50-60HZ75mm (h) x 115mm (d) x 165mm (w) 0.3 to 5.0 McF

ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer, PAL-1

Wide measurement range. The Atago Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer, PAL-1 is ideal for measuring almost any fruit juice, food or drink. REFRACTO POCKET PAL1 0-53% BRIX0% Brix, Auflösung: 0.1%Brix

Bellingham Stanley™ Brix 54 Model OPTi Digital Hand-Held Single Scale Refractometer

Refractometer OPTi Brix 54hand held, single scale,supplied with 2 x 3V AAA batteries (LR03) 55mm x

ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer: PAL-RI

nD 1.3306-1.5284. The ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer: PAL-RI provides an accuracy of ±0.0003 (water at 20°C). When the start key is pressed after placing some droplets of sample on the prism, the refractive index (resolution 0.0001 ) will be displayed continuously like an electric newsboard. REFRACTOMETRE POCKET PALRI

Mettler Toledo™ Refracto™ 30PX Portable Refractometer

For measurements in laboratory and production environments. REFRACTOMETER PORTABLEKit

Atago™ MASTER-20T Model Refractometer


Bellingham + Stanley™ Eclipse Hand Held Refractometer

Manufactured to the highest specification using only the best materials and optical components. Bellingham + Stanley™ Eclipse Hand Held Refractometer is a low-cost, portable instrument used for on-the-spot determination of Refractive Index of liquids or the concentration of solutions. Refractometer 0 to 32% hand held Bellingham andStanley, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Mettler Toledo™ Refracto™ 30GS Portable Refractometer

Offers an extended measuring range due to its special prism design for measurements in laboratory and production environments. REFRACTO 30GSKit

Reichert™ Handheld Digital Refractometers

Big features and performance in a small package REFRACTOMETER REICHERT R2MINI DIGITAL CE, ROHSand WEEE compliant. 1 year warranty 2 xAAA batteri

Reichert™ r2i300™ Automatic Benchtop Refractometer

Ideally suited for applications where bench space is limited, but the application calls for an accurate laboratory refractometer REFRACTOMETER REICHERT R2I300 BENCHTOP 2 YR WARRANty 220V 50-60Hz 292mm x 216mm x 102mm 1.3330 to

Bellingham Stanley™ RFM970-T Peltier Temperature Controlled Refractometer

Designed for applications within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavors and fragrance industries as well as academic research. Bellingham Stanley™ RFM970-T Peltier Temperature Controlled Refractometers feature a wide measuring range and new 7 in. touchscreen user interface. refractometer RFM970-T

Medline™ Technico™ DIGIT-050 Battery Fluid Pocket Refractometer

REFRACTOMETER BATTERY / COOLING FLUID S.G & FREEZIng point oC handheld to 50°C to 0°C / 1.15 to

Bellingham Stanley™ Saline 28 Model OPTi Digital Hand-Held Single Scale Refractometer

Refractometer OPTi Saline 28 hand held, singlescale, supplied with 2 x 3V AAA batteries (LR03)

Atago™ MASTER-20M Model Refractometer


Medline Scientific™ Refractometer Abbe digital 230V 50Hz

Refractometer Quartz Abbe digital semi to automati

ATAGO™ Master-2M Refractometer

The MASTER-M series is a good alternative choice when the water resistant feature is not a priority and the Temperature Compensation will be carried out manually. The ATAGO™ Master-2M Refractometer is a Mid-range model of the MASTER-M, and a successor model to the conventional N-2E.  

REFRACTO MASTER2M 28-62% BRIX0%Brix, Brix 0.2%

Bellingham Stanley™ Refractometer hand held Bellingham and Stanley

Refractometer hand held Bellingham and Stanley,1/Cs, MA: TBD

ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer, PAL- α

Useful for measuring most kinds of samples as well as samples that are in the cooking process. The Atago Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer, PAL- α provides a wide brix range of 0-85%. REFRACTO POCKET PAL ALPHA 0-85%0,0-85,0 %

Bellingham Stanley™ Abbe 60/ED Refractometer

Refractometer 60/ED Abbe high accuracy 230V50/60Hz 5W +/-0.00004 RI range of 1.30-1.74

Bellingham Stanley™ Polarimeter D7 Optical with Bubble Tube And Manual

POLARIMETER BELLINGHAM AND STANLEY D7 OPTICALwith bubbletube and manual 230V 50-60Hz 183mm (l)

ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Honey Refractometer, PAL-22S

Measures the % water content of honey easily and displays readings digitally. The Atago Pal-22S Digital Hand-Held Pocket Honey Refractometer is comfortable, easy to use, lightweight and compact. POCKET REFRACTO PAL 22S HONEY

Medline Scientific™ Refractometer Abbe 240V 50Hz

REFRACTOMETER PRISMA ABBE MANUAL BENCH TOP REFRACTive index Brix 1.3000 to 1.7000 / 0 to 95%

Bellingham Stanley™ Abbe 60 Bench Top Refractometer

REFRACTOMETER BELLINGHAM & STANLEY 60/LR ABBEhigh accuracy 1.20-1.70 (589 nm)

Reichert™ Rhino Ultra-Durable Handheld Automotive Fluids Refractometers

Duo-Chek models test engine coolant and battery charge in factory and field use—fully IP67 water rresistant, dustproof, and impact resistant Refractometer Reichert Rhino DC70 handheld polycar

Reichert™ NIST Certified Calibration Oil

Check the accuracy of an instrument using calibration oils. Reichert™ NIST Certified Calibration Oil are formulated laser liquid calibration oils that are supplied with an NIST certification of traceability. 5 OZ Refractive Index Oil 0.5oz

Technico™ Pocket Refractometer

Refractometer pocket DIGIT ATC 010 sugar

Medline™ Technico™ DIGIT-025 ATC Wine Pocket Refractometer

REFRACTOMETER ALCOHOL CONTENT % HANDHELD WITHautomatic temperature compensation 0 to 0.25