Custom Peptide Synthesis and Protein Expression

Gibco™ ExpiCHO™ Expression System Kit

Provides the highest protein yields possible in a transient CHO system

Gibco™ ExpiSf™ Protein Production Kit

Gibco™ ExpiSf™ Protein Production Kit is designed to significantly boost protein expression from high-density suspension cultures of Sf9 insect cells using the ExpiSf Expression System.

Gibco™ ExpiSf™ Expression System Starter Kit

Gibco™ ExpiSf™ Expression System Starter Kit is a baculovirus-insect cell protein expression system for superior yields and consistent performance run after run using a fast, streamlined workflow.

Gibco™ Expi293™ GnTI- Expression System Kit

Expi293 GnTI- Expression System Kit is part of the Expi293 platform for rapid, high-yield transient protein expression from mammalian 293 cells