Cell Based Assays

O-Acetyl-L-carnitine Hydrochloride

Weak cholinergic agonist 25GR O-Acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride 25g

Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ O-GlcNAc Enzymatic Labeling System

For in-vitro modification of O-GlcNAc modified proteins O-GLCNAC ENZYMATIC LABELING SYSTEM CLICKIT(TM)kit VXC33368 DDNSA # days = 210 CDNSA # days =

Molecular Probes™ Alexa Fluor™ 647 ATP (Adenosine 5'-Triphosphate, Alexa Fluor™ 647 ATP

Bright far-red fluorescent dye ADENOSINE 5'-TRIPHOSPHATEFl.® 647 ATP),5mM in buff., 100 µl

BrdU Monoclonal Antibody, Clone: MoBU-1, Invitrogen™

BrdU Antibody (MoBU-1), B35128, from Invitrogen™. Species Reactivity: Chemical; Applications: Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry. ANTI BRDU MOBU1 UNCONJ IMAGINGperoxidunconjugated, 350 µl

Molecular Probes™ Annexin V, Alexa Fluor™ 594 conjugate

Annexin V, Alexa Fluor™ 594 conjugate ANNEXIN V, ALEXA FLUOR(R)In collaboration with Nexins Research BV, we

Molecular Probes™ Annexin V, PE conjugate (R-PE Annexin V) (replaces Annexin product- AnnexinV04)

Annexin V, PE conjugate (R-PE Annexin V) (replaces Annexin product- AnnexinV04) ANNEXIN V, R-PHYCOERYTHRIV) 50 assays, 250 µl

Alfa Aesar™ T0901317

10MG T0901317

GABA Transporter 3 Polyclonal Antibody, Invitrogen™

GABA Transporter 3 Antibody, 480018, from Invitrogen™. Species Reactivity: Rat; Applications: Immunohistochemistry, Western Blot ANTI-GAT-3 PAB

Molecular Probes™ EnzChek™ Elastase Assay Kit

Fast fluorometric method for measuring elastases ENZCHEK(R) ELASTASE ASSAYThe EnzChek Elastase Assay Kit provides a

Alfa Aesar™ TRAM 34

TRAM-34 is a potent inhibitor of the intermediate-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel 25MG TRAM 34

Ubiquitin E1 Inhibitor, PYR-41

100MG Ubiquitin E1 Inhibitor, PYR-41 100mg

Molecular Probes™ MUP (4-Methylumbelliferyl Phosphate, Free Acid)

MUP is a fluorescent substrate for alkaline phosphatases 4-METHYLUMBELLIFERYL PHOS1 g

Molecular Probes™ Fluorocillin™ Green 495/525 -Lactamase Substrate, Soluble Product

Reporter for certain ELISA protocols X5 Fluorocillin green 495/525 bet 100µg Store atFluorocillin Green substrate is a robust reporter

Molecular Probes™ FungaLight™ Yeast CFDA, AM/Propidium Iodide Vitality Kit

FungaLight™ Yeast CFDA, AM/Propidium Iodide Vitality Kit FUNGALIGHT CFDA, AM/PROPIDIUMYeastVitality Kit for flow cytometry

Molecular Probes™ pHrodo™ Red AM Intracellular pH Indicator

pHrodo™ Red AM Intracellular pH Indicator PHRODO RED AM PH INDICATOR

Molecular Probes™ DQ™ Green BSA - Special Packaging

Hydrolysis of substrate yields brightly fluorescent product X5 DQ(TM) GREEN BSA SPECIAL STORE AT -20°C

Molecular Probes™ EnzChek™ Phospholipase A1 Assay Kit

For continuous monitoring of phospholipase A1 (PLA1) in purified enzyme preparations, cell lysates and living cells ENZCHEK PHOSPHOLIPASE A1 ASSAY2 plates, 1 kit

Molecular Probes™ Fura-2, AM, cell permeant

Fura-2, AM, cell permeant X20 Fura-2, am cell permeant (20X), liquid 50µgFura-2, AM is a high affinity, intracellular

Molecular Probes™ PIP Strips™ Membranes

Identify proteins possessing phosphoinositide domains PIP STRIPS(TM) MEMBRANESPIP Strips membranes are designed for the

Trypsin Inhibitor, chicken egg whites

Inhibits the pancreatic enzyme trypsin 500MG Trypsin inhibitor, chicken egg whites

Alfa Aesar™ cis-5,8,11,14,17-Eicosapentaenoic acid

100MG cis-5,8,11,14,17-Eicosapentaenoic acid 100m

Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ RNA Alexa Fluor™ 594 Imaging Kit

Detect newly synthesized RNA or changes in RNA levels CLICK RNA ALEXA 594 IMAGING

SKF-96365 Hydrochloride, ≥99%

Inhibits receptor-mediated calcium influx 10MG SKF-96365 hydrochloride, 99+% 10mg

Alfa Aesar™ Z-Val-Val-Nle Diazomethyl Ketone

Inactivates thiol proteinases; an irreversible cathepsin inhibitor 50MG Z-Val-Val-Nle diazomethyl ketone 50mg

Molecular Probes™ BacMam GFP Transduction Control (BacMam 2.0)

Important part of the enhanced BacMam technology 1 ML BACMAM GFP TRANSDUCTION CONTROL, BACMAM 2.01mL Store in cold room (2 to 8 C) in Dark/Protect

Molecular Probes™ Click-iT™ GlcNAz Metabolic Glycoprotein Labeling Reagent (tetraacetylated N-Azidoacetylglucosamine)

Compatible with LC-MS/MS and Multiplexed Proteomics™ technologies GLCNAZ METABOLIC GLYCOPROTEIN LABELLING REAGENT(tetraacetylated Nazidoacetylglucosamine) for

Molecular Probes™ Pacific Blue™ Annexin V/SYTOX™ AADvanced™ Apoptosis Kit, for flow cytometry

Pacific Blue™ Annexin V/SYTOX™ AADvanced™ Apoptosis Kit, for flow cytometry APOPTOSIS KIT PACIFIC BLUE ANN

Molecular Probes™ Nα-(3-Maleimidylpropionyl)Biocytin

Nα-(3-Maleimidylpropionyl)Biocytin NALPHA-(3-MALEIMIDYLPROPIThe thiol-reactive Na-(3-maleimidylpropionyl)

Molecular Probes™ LIVE/DEAD™ BacLight™ Bacterial Viability Kit, for Microscopy

Red and green stains used LIVE/DEAD(R) BACLIGHT(TM)microscopy 1000 assays

Molecular Probes™ Premo™ Autophagy Sensor RFP-p62 Kit

Premo™ Autophagy Sensor RFP-p62 Kit Premo Autophagy Sensor RFP-p62 Kit, 1 Kit