Burner Accessories

RL Enterprises™ RL Enterprises™ Butane/Propane Mix Gas Cartridge

Designed to be attached and re-attached to the burner as often as required. RL Enterprises™ Butane/Propane Mix Gas Cartridge has a typical burning time of 2.75 hours.

R&L Enterprises™ Meker Brass Bunsen Burner with Gas Cartridge

An excellent solution for heating, sterilization and combustion in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Meker Brass Bunsen Burners with Gas Cartridge are designed for use with butane/propane mix gas cartridges.

Azpack™ Campingaz™ CV360 Butane Gas Cartridge

Take along wherever a heat fuel source is needed such as portable Bunsen Burners or outdoor stoves. Azpack™ Campingaz™ CV360 Butane Gas Cartridge contains 115mL of pressurized butane.

Integra Biosciences™ Gas Cartridge Adapter

Equipped with this gas cartridge adapter, the FIREBOY is independent of any gas distribution system and power supply. Integra Biosciences™ Gas Cartridge Adapters allow FIREBOY burners to be used wherever required.

Integra Biosciences™ Gas Cartridge Adapter, FIREBOY™ CP250+

Use this adapter to fit Campingaz CP 250+ gas cartridges to your FIREBOY™ portable safety bunsen burner.


Insert the Wick in a wick holder for various laboratory applications requiring exposure to being heated..

WLD Tec™ Safety Adapter for CV360 Gas Cartridge

Suitable and safe gas cartridge adapter for Gasprofi 1 SCS laboratory gas burners. WLD Tec™ Safety Adapter for CV360 Gas Cartridge includes and integrated pressure regulator.

Edu Lab™ Wood Splint

For lighting bunsen burners, testing for oxygen or running 'squeaky pop test'.

Integra Biosciences™ Flameboy Gas Cartridge Adapter

Use this adaptor with Flameboy™ Sterilizing Pistols. Integra Biosciences™ Gas Cartridge Adapters are easily mounted via an intelligent “click and go” mechanism.

Fisherbrand™ Replacement Burner Head

Guarantees a stable and regular flame.

R&L Enterprises™ Gas Deflagrating Spoons

Excellent for deflagration demonstration purposes. R&L Enterprises™ Gas Deflagrating Spoons are comprised of steel with an aluminum flange.