Burners and Lighters

RL Enterprises™ RL Enterprises™ Butane/Propane Mix Gas Cartridge

Designed to be attached and re-attached to the burner as often as required. RL Enterprises™ Butane/Propane Mix Gas Cartridge has a typical burning time of 2.75 hours. X12 Gas cartridge for BYB-450-010B 220g

R&L Enterprises™ Gas Deflagrating Spoons

Excellent for deflagration demonstration purposes. R&L Enterprises™ Gas Deflagrating Spoons are comprised of steel with an aluminum flange.
X6 Deflagrating spoons steel with aluminium flange

Fisherbrand™ Bunsen Safety Burner for LP Gas

Supplied with a flame failure device that shuts off the gas supply to the burner within approximately 20 seconds of the flame being extinguished. Burner bunsen safety cut out 13mm

Bochem™ Propane Bunsen Burners


Integra Biosciences™ Gas Safety Tubing

2M Fireboy Gas safety tubing, inner diameter 10mmx 2 M, 100mbar max. DVGW-approved

Duran™ Grommet

X50 Sockets for spirit lamps

RL Enterprises™ S 55 Safety Waste Caps

Provides a single, continuous flame by controlled mixing of gas with air. RL Enterprises™ Natural Gas Security Bunsen Burner with NF Screwing G 1/2 Connector is manually adjustable to control intensity, temperature and flame size. Burner bunsen securite natural gaz

Fisherbrand™ 13mm LPG Propane and Butane Gas Teclu Safety Burner

Supplied with a flame failure device that shuts off the gas supply to the burner within approximately 20 seconds of the flame being extinguished. Burner teclu securite natural gaz


Wick 10m length for 50mL methylated spirit burner

WLD Tec™ Safety Adapter

Adapter pressure regulator and shut off valve forgas cartridges Express 444 with inegrated

Integra Biosciences™ Fireboy Campingaz Cartridge Adapter

Fireboy Gas cartridge adapter for Campingaz CV 270


Wick spare 10 m for BYF-300 and BYF-330

Fisherbrand™ Bunsen Micro Burner without Pilot Light with NF Connection, 3mm Opening

Fitted with a gas control valve. Micro bunsen 3 mm natural gaz

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Piezoelectric Gas Lighter

Needs no recharging Burner gas lighter Piezoelectric Scienceware, 1/Cs1/Cs, MA: TBD

WLD Tec™ Adapters

ADAPTATOR GAZ G1/2' BSPGewindeanschluß 1/2'R

WLD Tec™ Regulator with integrated overpressure temperature fuse DIN 4811-4 and manometer DVGW low pressure


RL Enterprises™ Bunsen Burner Tube

X10 Tube bunsen burner 13mm for use with BYC-395-N

RL Enterprises™ Natural Gas Micro Burner with NF Screwing G 1/2 Connector

A nickel-plated brass burner with air regulation. Micro bunsen 3 mm butane/propane

Fisherbrand™ Meker Burner with Tétine Connection, 24mm Opening

Provides a stable flame and excellent air-gas mixture for superior combustion. Burner meker 24 mm but/propane

Integra Biosciences™ Flameboy Gas tubing

Flameboy Gas tubing with double-sided threaded connector 1/4'' DVGW-approved, 2M

R&L Enterprises™ 13mm Natural Gas Bunsen Burner

An excellent solution for heating, sterilization and combustion in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ 13mm Natural Gas Bunsen Burners have a typical gas consumption of 107.5L per hour.
X5 Burner bunsen natural gas 13mm o.d. tube

Integra Biosciences™ Flameboy Gas Cartridge Adapter

Use this adaptor with Flameboy™ Sterilizing Pistols. Integra Biosciences™ Gas Cartridge Adapters are easily mounted via an intelligent “click and go” mechanism. Flameboy Gas cartridge adapter for CV360

Bochem™ Safety Gas Burner with Needle Valve

Use with confidence thanks to a thermo safety element to prevent accidents in the laboratory. BURNER SECURITY NATURAL GAS 1300°C

Fisherbrand™ Meker Burner, Natural Gas

Fitted with a perforated steel head, which gives off multiple small but very hot flames. Burner,meker 24mm natural gas

Fisherbrand™ Bunsen Burner with Tétine Connector without Pilot Light

Reaches temperatures of about 900°C with butane nozzles and about 1000°C on natural gas spouts. Burner bunsen 13 mm natural gaz

WLD Tec™ Safety Adapter for CV360 Gas Cartridge

Suitable and safe gas cartridge adapter for Gasprofi 1 SCS laboratory gas burners. WLD Tec™ Safety Adapter for CV360 Gas Cartridge includes and integrated pressure regulator. ADAPTER FUEGO SCS WITH INEGRATED PRESSURE REGULATOr and shut off valve for gas cartridges CV360

Fisherbrand™ Meker Industrial Burner with Stop Valve for NF Connection, 43mm Opening

Providing an extremely strong flame for intensive use. Burner meker natural gaz w/ vanne