Filter Holders and Hardware

Merck™ 47mm Hydrosol™ Stainless-Steel Vacuum Filter Holder

For particulate or biological contamination analysis via vacuum filtration HYDROSOL SS 47MM FILTER HOLDER

Sartorius™ Sterility Testing Reusable System: T-Distributor Adapter

Plastic adapter with stainless steel inserts Y-distributor piece (for 2 holders),

Merck™ Stainless-Steel Accessories

For filtration of gases or liquids at inlet pressures of 20 to 700 bar SS PTFE-COATED SUPPORT SCREEN, 47MM

Merck™ EZ-Fit™ Filtration Head

General microbiological analysis X3 EZ-Fit filtration head for EZ-Fit Filtration Un

Merck™ Dispensing Pressure Vessels

Holds liquid for filtration through pressure-operated filter holders, if connected to an external pressure source PRESSURE VESSEL 316SS 20L

Sartorius Stedim Biotech™ Filter Table, Upper Part for 25mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder

Sartorius Stedim Biotech™ Filter Table, Upper Part for 25mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder is suitable as a replacement part for this in-line filtration assembly. Filter Table, Upper Part (16251)

Cole-Parmer™ PTFE O-Ring/Gasket/Seal


DWK Life Sciences Kimble&chase; Kimble™ Kontes™ ULTRA-WARE™ Filtration Adapter

This adapter assembly is designed to allow connection of a 47mm or 90mm filtration support base with a straight drip tip to a bottle or reservoir with a GL 45 thread. Filtrations-Adapter mit GL45-Anschluss, seitl.Kunstoff-Olive, gebogen

Merck™ Replacement Parts for 90 mm Glass Filter Holder

Replacement parts for 90 mm All-glass filter holder. Funnel 1l, 90mm, Ground Glass Seal

GE Healthcare Whatman™ MV050 Series Vacuum Filtration Apparatus

MV series vacuum filtration devices are made of stainless steel, which is especially suitable for microbiological applications. MV 050A/0 VACUUM FILTERHOLDER 500M

Merck™ Stainless-Steel Filter Holders

For filtration of gases or liquids at inlet pressures of 20 to 700 bar HIGH-PRESSURE SS FILTER HOLDER, 47MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Membrane Holder, glass reservoir

Vacuum-Type Glass Membrane Holder, glass reservoir, 47 mm, 300 ml volume, membrane filter accessories MB HOLDER COMPT47MM G/RES FO

Merck™ Vacuum Base and Cap

Glass Base And Cap W/SS Screen, 90mm

Merck™ Sterifil™ 47mm Aseptic Vacuum Filter System Replacement Parts

Used for general filtration applications and filtration of samples for particulate or biological contamination analysis STERIFIL BASE AND SUPPORT SCREEN

GE Healthcare Whatman™ MicroPlus MBS I Membrane Filtration Accessory: Funnel

Accessories for microbiological control filtration system X20 MBS I FUNNEL OF PP 100 ML

Duran™ Micro Filter Candle Without Tube

Designed for use with Duran™ filtration apparatus. X10 DURAN Micro filter candle without tube, 13x21mm, porosity 4

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Syringe-Type Membrane Holder

Stainless steel membrane holder for use with a standard syringe FILT HOLDER SYRINGE ST STEEL 13MM

GE Healthcare Whatman™ AS 600 Series Multiple Vacuum Filtration Apparatus

AS610/3 Multiple Vacuum Filtration Apparatus, six-place vacuum filtration system, stainless steel 500 ml, 47/50 mm, support screen, with rapid closure clamp AS 600/5 SIX-PLACEVACUUM MANIFOLD,

Duran™ Sintered Glass Filter Disc, 50mm Diameter

Duran™ glass filter for filtration both during analytical as well as preparative work. X5 DURAN Filter discs, POR.0, D. 50 mm

Merck™ ZHE Hazardous Waste Filtration System Replacement Parts and Accessories: 90mm Diameter

Designated by the US EPA as a suitable apparatus for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) HAND KNOB

Merck™ Microsyringe Filter Holder

Use to ultraclean or sterilize small volumes dispensed by syringe MICROSYRINGE SS FILTER HOLDER, 25MM, 1/4'' NPTF

Merck™ Accessories for ZHE Hazardous Waste Filtration System

Accessories for use with ZHE Hazardous Waste Filtration System X10 ZHE TEDLAR BAG

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Swin-Lok™ Filter Holders

For microfiltration and ultra cleaning of small volumes of liquids X8 FILT HOLDER SWIN-LOK PP 47MM

Merck™ Stainless-Steel Pressure Filter Holders

Ultraclean or sterilize liquids or gases by pressure filtration SS FILTER HOLDER 90MM

Merck™ EZ-Fit™ Manifold for EZ-Fit™ Filtration Units

For use in general microbiological analysis EZ-Fit Manifold, 6-place for EZ-Fit Filtration Units

Merck™ Pressure Tubing

Replacement part for 25mm Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser TUBE ADAPTER PE 1/4'' NPTM TO 1/4'' TUBE

Merck™ Millipore™ Stopper for Vacuum Filtration

Merck™ Millipore™ Stopper for Vacuum Filtration is designed to replace parts contained in glass vacuum filtration kits or provide for an alternative configuration. Silicone No 8 Stopper 3/8 Hole, 5/Pk

Merck™ 142mm Hazardous Waste Filter System Replacement Parts

Accessories for filter holders for sample preparation. X4 SILICONE O-RING 2-251 142MM

Sartorius™ Sterility Testing Reusable System: Filter Holder

For use with Sterility testing System Filter holder closed