Chromatography Fittings Tubing and Supplies

Cytiva Polypropylene On-line Filter Kit

Used for AKTA chromatography systems.  Cytiva Polypropylene On-line Filter Kits are resistant to organic solvents and salt buffers commonly used in chromatography of biomolecules.

Vici Valco Instruments™ Easy-Flange Kit

Flange-rolling tool that uses mechanical force to create flanges in PTFE and PTFE-like tubes. Vici Valco Instruments™ Easy-Flange Kit does not require any electrical power.

Cytiva Titanium On-line Filter Kit

Used in chromatography of biomolecules. Cytiva Titanium On-line Filter Kit is resistant to most organic solvents and salt buffers commonly found in chromatography applications.

Restek™ Nylon Tube Brushes and Pipe Cleaner

To remove small septum fragments and residue from dirty glass inlet liners.

Cytiva Borosilicate Glass Superloops

Use for the introduction of large sample volumes into a pressurised fluid LC system.  Cytiva Lifescience™ Borosilicate Glass Superloops work in conjunction with 7-port valves. 

Cytiva Monitor UVis-920

Different filter accessories allow the monitor to cover wavelengths from 200–700 nm without changing the lamp. Cytiva Monitor UVis-920 is a high-precision, multipurpose, standalone UV monitor that allows sensitive, stable and reliable UV/Vis absorbance detection.

Thermo Scientific™ UHPLC Filters

Protects columns without compromising performance.

Cytiva Column Holder

Holds ÅKTA columns. Cytiva Column Holder for columns with outer diameter between 10 and 50mm.

Masterflex™ Hose Barb Fitting Kit

Organize your workstation with convenient barbed fittings kits. Cole-Parmer™ Hose Barb Fitting Kits let you keep a variety of barbed fitting styles on hand. Polypropylene fittings are autoclavable. Include sturdy plastic case to keep fittings organized.

Cytiva Silicone Tubing

Silicone tubing for Peristaltic Pump P-1.  Cytiva Silicone Tubing with i.d. 3.1 mm.

Cytiva Support Screens for XK and HiScale Columns

For use with XK and HiScale Columns

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Multiple Chromatography Column Holders

Bendable plastic loops gently support each column without scratching

Cytiva Holder

Equipment holder for extra valves

Restek™ PEEK Survival Kit for HPLC

For start-up and maintenance in all HPLC systems.

Masterflex™ Male Luer Fitting with Lock Ring

Use these luer fittings for a variety of applications, including syringes or small tubing. Cole-Parmer™ Male Luer Fittings with Lock Ring feature full material traceability to ensure process integrity.

Cytiva Bottle Holder

Can also be used for hanging external air sensors if combined with the Air sensor holder

Restek™ Polyimide Resin

Securely connects a Press-Tight connector to a fused silica column.

Trajan™ GC Septa Enduro Blue Plug

GP GC septa is designed for non-demanding routine, low temperature applications

Cole-Parmer™ Poly-Net™ HDPE Protective Netting

Prolong the life of all types of glassware with HDPE protective netting. Poly-Net™ HDPE Protective Netting fits snugly over laboratory glassware to reduce breakage and safeguard against flying glass.

Restek™ Stainless Steel Tube Brushes/Surface Brush Set

Use stainless steel tube brushes for cleaning dirty collectors, injector ports, and detector ports.

Cytiva PTFE Tubing Kit

Includes tubing, mouting with ferrule and nut

Cytiva Nets for C 10 and AC 10

Resistant to aqueous solutions and solvents used in liquid chromatography.

Restek™ Tubing Bender

Assists in making accurate left-hand, right-hand or offset bends

Restek™ Deactivated Borosilicate Glass Wool

More flexible than fused silica wool.

Hamilton™ Kel-F™ Fittings Assembled with PTFE FEP Tubing

Excellent for connecting syringes, equipment and other devices to Hamilton valves.

VICI Valco Instruments™ Nut Machined Version One-Piece Fingertight Fitting

Used in virtually any type of 10-32 thread HPLC fitting detail on the market.

S.C.A.T™ Tube Connector

S.C.A.T™ tube connectors complement and connect SCAT SafetyWasteCaps