Nutritional Supplements

Water, for HPLC-MS, Fisher Chemical

Packaging: Amber glass bottle

Gibco™ EMEM

Eagle's Minimum Essential Medium (EMEM)

Millipore™ Polybrene Infection/Transfection Reagent

Improve the efficiency of retroviral vector infection for gene transfer into mammalian cells using polybrene. Millipore™ Polybrene Infection/Transfection Reagent can enhance infection/transfection efficiency as much as 1,000 fold.

Gibco™ Bacto™ Tryptone

Enzymatic digest of casein. Gibco™ Bacto™ Dehydrated Culture Media Additive: Tryptone is part of a large selection of dehydrated media.

Gibco™ Value 10 Pack EMEM

Eagle's Minimum Essential Medium (EMEM)

Gibco™ Bacto™ Peptone

Enzymatic digest of protein

Corning™ ITS Premix Universal Culture Supplement

Stimulates proliferation of a variety of cells under serum-reduced conditions. Corning™ ITS Premix Universal Culture Supplement contains insulin, human transferrin and selenous acid, the three most universally esential components of defined culture media.

Corning™ Cell Culture Phosphate Buffered Saline (1X)

With low endotoxin content. Without calcium and magnesium.

Corning™ Trace Elements

For Research applications

Millipore™ Accutase™ Cell Detachment Solution

Useful for creating single cell suspensions from clumped cell cultures for accurate cell counting and detachment of cells from primary tissues. Millipore™ Accutase™ Cell Detachment Solution is comprised of proteolytic and collagenolytic enzymes.

Gibco™ Bacto™ Yeast Extract

Formulation of culture media for cultivation of heterotrophic microorganisms. Gibco™ Bacto™ Dehydrated Culture Media Additive: Yeast Extract is supplied in dehydrated form for the convenience of the laboratorian and bioprocessing specialist.

GE Healthcare HyClone™ Hank's Balanced Salt Solution Powder

Available in lot sizes that facilitate scale-up and manufacturing.

Gibco™ Bacto™ Proteose Peptone No. 3

Enzymatic digest of porcine protein

Gibco™ Bacto™ Casitone

An animal origin (AO) pancreatic enzymatic digest of casein.

Gibco™ Bacto™ Yeast Extract, Technical¬†

Used with dehydrated culture media

Corning™ Polysucrose 400, Powder

A synthetic polymer of sucrose and epichlorohydrin used for the density gradient separation of cells, cell membranes and virus cells

Corning™ L-glutamine Solution

Essential amino acid and a key component of culture media

Millipore™ EmbryoMax™ 0.1% Gelatin Solution

Ideal gelatin solution for routine mouse embryonic stem cell culture applications. Millipore™ EmbryoMax™ 0.1% Gelatin Solution is porcine sourced and comes ready to use for plating.

Gibco™ Yeast Extract

Water-soluble extract of autolyzed yeast cells suitable for use in culture media