Autoclaving, Sterilisation and Lab Washers

Miele™ Mobile Injector Unit

E380 TA, Full Injector basket with 33 jets and connection for hot-air drying (use with G7883CD)

Miele™ Half Insert

E106/2 Half insert with 13 spring hooks 175mm high, spacing approx 85mm

Miele™ Housing unit, Aqua Purificator, stainless steel, for PG 8595 laboratory glass washers, Miele

PG8595, Stainless steel cabinet for VE demineralisation cartridges. Cartridges/CM module not incl

Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Immersion Basket with Handles

Facilitates complete immersion within Ultrasonic Cleaner baths. Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Immersion Baskets with Handles are available for a range of cleaner capacities. BASKET INT.255 x 115 x H:75 MM FOR CLEANER 5,75 L

Miele™ AK12 Half Basket Insert

AK12, Half insert for beakers, flasks and wide-mouthed glassware

Bottletop Dispenser, Baseline Acid, Fisher Chemical

Bottletop dispenser, baseline acid

Miele™ DOS G-60 Dispenser Module

DOS 60/30 Peristaltic pump for G 7825-26, built in

Miele™ Injector Unit

E405/1 TA, Full width injector unit for 38 pipettes arranged in 3 rows with hot-air drying

Miele™ Lower Basket with Open Front

U874/1, Open stainless steel lower basket for usewith half and full width inserts

Miele™ Injector Mobile

E331, Injector unit with 39 x SD-B jets for Butyrometers

Miele™ Laboratory glass washer, model PG 8583 AE-WW-AD-LD-OIL, Miele

PG8583 ADP LD OIL Miele Glass washer/Disinfector,ADP for unpressurised water

Miele™ Laboratory glass washer, model PG 8593 AE-WW-AD, Miele

PG8593 AD Miele Glass washer/Disinfector, AD for pressurised demin. Water, Single phase

Miele™ Cart

A 200 mobile unit for pipettes

Fisherbrand™ Plastic Covers for FB150 and FB112 Series Ultrasonic Cleaners

For use with Fisherbrand FB150 and FB112 Series Ultrasonic Cleaners. COVER FOR ULTRASONIC CLEANER 2,75/4,25 L

Fisherbrand™ Grade 926 Sterilization Paper

Used as wrap for medical clothes. X500 Paper wrap Fisherbrand for sterilisation of

Bottletop Dispenser, HF Acid, Fisher Chemical

Bottletop dispenser, HF acid

Sterilin™ Autoclave Bag Accessories

coated wire holder for bags serie 511

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Clear Autoclave Bags

Designed to be strong, pliable, lean and puncture resistant. Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Clear Autoclave Bags withstand high temperatures for autoclaving. X100 BAG AUTOCLAVE PRINTED BIOHAZARD 40UM THICKopening on width 410mm x 630mm

Miele™ Laboratory glass washer, model PG 8504 AE-ADP, Miele

PG8504 ADP Miele Glass washer/Disinfector, ADP for unpressurised water, Single phase

Miele™ Lower Basket

U184/1, Lower basket for tubes,vials etc. With 962.5mm x 110mm injectors

Miele™ Half Basket

E402, Half insert for 44 watch glasses 80mm to 125mm dia

Fisherbrand™ Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps for Ultrasonic Units

Provides safe and secure attachment of Erlenmeyer flasks to ultrasonic cleaning units. Fisherbrand™ Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps are manufactured from strong and durable stainless steel. CLAMP FOR ERLENMEYER FLASK 250 ML

Miele™ Accessory plinth UG 30-90/60-85, stainless steel, for laboratory glass washers, Miele

UG30-90/60-85, Stainless steel plinth, width 900mm, depth 600mm, height 300mm

Stainless Steel Covers for Ultrasonic Units

For use with Fisherbrand 112xx Series Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners, COVER IN STAINLESS STEEL WITH HOLES FOR S-LINE CLEANER 2,75/4,25 L