Autoclaving, Sterilisation and Lab Washers

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Clear Autoclave Bags

Designed to be strong, pliable, lean and puncture resistant. Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Clear Autoclave Bags withstand high temperatures for autoclaving. X100 Autoclave bag Fisherbrand plain non-printed40µm thickness opening on width polypropylene

Lancer™ LanceRinse Machine Acid Rinse Additive

Use in both Lancer and other quality washing machines. Lancer™ Rinse Machine Acid Rinse Additive has been specially formulated to give the best possible results. 10 LT LanceRinse machine acid rinse additive

Lancer™ LancerClean Laboratory Machine Detergent

X2 Detergent Lancer LancerClean LCD5 for Lancerwashing machines (pack of 2 x 5L)

Sterilin™ Sample Bags with Labeling Area

X200 autoclavable bag HDPE 406x610mm 121°c max

Sterilin™ Autoclave bags

X500 autoclavable bag HDPE 305x660mm 121°c max

Miele™ Laboratory glass washer, model PG 8504 AE-AD, Miele

PG 8504 AD Miele Glass Washer/Disinfector, AD forpressurised demin. water, Single phase

Lancer™ Stainless Steel Undercounter Laboratory Glassware Washer

Washing machine Lancer Labexia 810LX 400V 50Hz 3

Miele™ PG 8504 Glasswasher

Analysis grade conditioning of laboratory glassware. PG8504 ADP Miele Glass washer/Disinfector, ADP for unpressurised water, Single phase

Branson Ultrasonics™ CPX Series Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Outfit your lab with a classic tabletop cleaner, offering high-tech design, solid construction and featuring reliable digital controls with power tracking capabilities. BRANSONIC CPX3800-E , INCL COVER

Synergy Healthcare™ SteriBags™ Heat Seal Closure Pouches

Manufactured from high quality wet strength MG bleached kraft paper. Synergy Healthcare™ SteriBags™ Heat Seal Closure Pouches are double-folded for added integrity. X250 Heat Seal Bag 380 X 125 X 610 (Bh06129)

Miele™ Laboratory glass washer, model PG 8583 CD AE-WW-ADP-CM, Miele

PG8583 CD stainless steel, Miele Glass washer/Compact Disinfector, ADP for unpressurised demin water

Fisherbrand™ Glass Beaker with Cover

The Fisherbrand™ Glass Beaker with Cover is an ideal accessory for the Fisherbrand™ 11211 ultrasonic cleaner. This is a safe and economical choice for any laboratory. CLEANING GLASS 1L 95 M M WITH LID FOR ALL CLEANERS (except 0,8 L)

Miele™ Laboratory glass washer, model PG 8583 AE-WW-ADP-LD, Miele

PG8583 ADP LD Miele Glass washer/Disinfector, ADPfor unpressurised water, LD for Liquid Dosing

Microspec™ Autoclave Bags

Designed for contaminated waste disposal in autoclaves or incinerators. Autoclave Bags Large 633mm x 840mm x 500 : Ecopack

Miele™ Laboratory glass washer, model PG 8583 CD AE-WW-AD-CM-OIL, Miele

PG8583CD ADP LD OIL, Miele Glass washer/Compact Disinfector, ADP for unpressurised water

Miele™ Laboratory glass washer, model PG 8583 CD AE-WW-ADP-CM, Miele

PG8583 CD stainless steel, Miele Glass washer/Compact Disinfector, ADP for unpressurised demin water

Astell Scientific™ Metal/Plastic Tubes The Nelldorn Glass Dryer

Nelldorn dryer, wall mounted or bench standingfor glass and plastic volumetric flasks,measuring

Miele™ Laboratory glass washer, model PG 8593 AE-WW-AD, Miele

PG8593 AD Miele Glass washer/Disinfector, AD for pressurised demin. Water, Single phase

Miele™ Upper basket/open front, A101, for laboratory glass washers, Miele

A 101 upper basket, open front vertical clearance160mm

Steris Corporation™ Plain Top Closure Pouches

For use in porous load pre-vacuum autoclaves as well as gamma sterilizers. Steris Coprporation™ Plain Top Closure Pouches include a double folded bottom seal for extra integrity. X250 PL Top Bag 380 X 125 X 610Mm (Bp06133)

Fisherbrand™ High Temperature Autoclavable Bags

Manufactured from polypropylene. Fisherbrand™ High Temperature Autoclave Bags can withstand temperatures up to 134°C X500 Autoclavable bag 21L, PP 40µm natural, H780 width 400

Fisherbrand™ Grade 926 Sterilization Paper

Used as wrap for medical clothes. X500 PAP AUTOCLAV VERT 650X650MM

Fisherbrand™ Immersion Baskets for Ultrasonic Cleaners

This immersion basket is designed specifically for the Fisherbrand™ 112xx Series Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners. The fine mesh makes this immersion basket ideal for small items. The extra-long handle makes handling safe and easy. IMMERSION STAINLESS STEEL BASKET DIAMETER x HEIGHT 78 x 60 MM

Healthcare Pouch

X200 Sterilisation pouch Clentex in accordancewith EN 868-1 and 5paper/plastic 750mm x 1200mm

Sterilization Bags with Heat Seal Closure

X500 Sterilisation bag heat seal suitable for

Labconco™ Utensil Holder

Holds spatulas, spoons, scoops securely for washing Utensil holder Labconco Type 304 stainless steel

Lancer™ Stainless Steel Undercounter Laboratory Washer

Washing machine Lancer Labexia 820LX 400V 50Hz 3

Smeg™ Glassware GW2145 Basic Washer

Used for antibacterical thermal disinfection. Smeg Instruments Laboratory Glassware GW2145 Basic Washer has electronic door lock system for user safety. Glassware Washer GW2145

Synergy Healthcare™ Azo™ Flat Pouches

High quality preformed, heat sealable, peelable sterile barrier packaging. Synergy Healthcare™ Azo™ Flat Pouches are suited to the sterilization of surgical instruments, laboratory equipment or small to medium sized sets using steam or Ethylene Oxide. X1000 FLAT PEELABLE 'STERIPOUCH' CODE P4 102 X254MM CONFORMS TO BS6871 (PACK OF 1000)