Commercial Cleaning

If you demand the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, you should demand a 3M solution for all your cleaning needs.

Our brand-leading solutions don’t just clean floors and surfaces more thoroughly; they help keep dirt at bay too. And because they work harder, for longer, they allow you to maintain a pristine company image while reducing the strain on cleaning staff and your budget.

Facility Safety 

Slips, trips and spills are common occurrences in the workplace. Though they happen every day, these accidents put the safety of your workforce, as well as visitors to your premises, at risk. Poor workplace facility safety can potentially undermine your workforce productivity, damage your corporate reputation and ultimately, harm your bottom line.

We know how important the condition of your flooring is to the safety of your facility. At 3M we've created a portfolio of facility safety products which keep your flooring safe, clean and looking good, while keeping costs down.


3M™ Nomad™ Ultra Clean Matting 4300

This contamination control mat is a disposable, dust collecting floor mat consisting of 40 sheets coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is designed to help protect clean areas where cleanliness and hygiene are critical factors. It can assist you in obtaining ISO14644-1 certification Class 4 to 8 for cleanrooms.

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3M™ Safety-Walk™ Cushion Matting 5270E

Spring coiled vinyl foam anti-fatigue mat that compresses uniformly and continually, providing greater comfort and less fatigue. Textured top provides high co-efficient of friction for slip resistance. Solid top has a special grease and oil resistant coating. Designed for light to medium industrial use. Black integral edging.

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3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slip Resistant General Purpose Tape 600 Series

Offers a low-profile design and helps reduce trip hazards. This mineral-coated, slip-resistant material is adhered by a durable resin to a pressure-sensitive adhesive backed plastic film. Different sizes available. Colours: Black (610); Black/Yellow (613); Yellow (630).

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3M™ Maintenance Sorbents

Ideal for placing in, under and around machines to catch drips. It is highly sorbent and non-granular so it will not damage plant equipment. Each case sorbs 37.5 gallons and contains 100 pads. This high capacity sorbent has a scrim on one side to increase strength and help eliminate linting. This conveniently sized pad allows the user to quickly spread sorbent on and in the path of a spill. It can also be used on a work surface in anticipation of a spill or as a wipe.

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Scotch-Brite™ Clean and Shine Double Sided Floor Pads

Shines the floor as you clean with it. With repeated use, your floors gradually achieve burnish-quality results without the extra step of actually burnishing. Using a low-speed auto scrubber with just plain water or neutral cleaner, it effectively removes scuff marks faster than traditional floor pads and lasts significantly longer (up to 40,000 sqm). So you can maintain a shining reflection with less time, effort and equipment.

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3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Aerosol

Ideal for stainless steel, chrome, laminated plastics and aluminum surfaces. With a high gloss formula, it wipes clean with no streaks or buildup, resists fingerprints and masks surface blemishes. Pleasant lime fragrance.

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