Indulge your love of science with our latest new products and specially selected offers on many of our most popular Fisherbrand™ products.

Fisherbrand CO2 Incubator

Fisherbrand CO2 Incubators

The Fisherbrand CO2 incubator provides proven technologies for reliable, homogenous growth environment and dependable quality.  Efficient high performance heaters surround the chamber for even temperature distribution.  Gentle fan assisted air flow pattern is designed for uniform distribution of temperature, CO2, and humidity.    

The 90°C high temperature decontamination cycle simplifies cleaning because no autoclave and toxic chemicals required.  The cycle eliminates variability in disinfection and has been proven effective against wide range of contaminants including bacteria, molds, and fungal spores and mycoplasma, eliminating the variability in disinfection.   

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Disposable nitrile gloves - Fisherbrand

Fisherbrand Disposable Gloves

Fisherbrand™ single-use, disposable gloves are designed to provide you with maximum protection without compromising on comfort, and always offer great value for money. They are the ideal gloves for everyday use in the lab and come in a range of styles, sizes and materials to fit your requirements. We also supply them in new packaging designed to reduce waste and environmental impact.

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Safety Disposal Apparel

Fisherbrand Safety Disposal Apparel

Many laboratories and other workplaces need disposable safety apparel that can be used just once and then disposed of, rather than relying on reusable garments that may not be clean or provide sufficient protection. Our disposable range is also great for keeping your laboratory or workplace visitors safe and clean, no matter how brief their stay!

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Sterile syringe filters and non sterile syringe filters

Fisherbrand Syringe Filters

With a wide range of membranes, pore sizes, housing diameters, and both sterile and non-sterile versions, the Fisherbrand syringe filters make it easy to select the optimum filter whatever your application.

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Fisherbrand accumet™ Electrochemistry Meters

Fisherbrand accumet™ Electrochemistry Meters

These instruments represent the state of the art for measuring pH, mV (ORP), ion concentration, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), dissolved oxygen, and temperature. The Fisherbrand accumet™ family of meters offers high quality, user-friendly and cost-effective instruments for every application and budget, all supplied with a three year warranty

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Water purification systems, ACCU20, ACCU100, ACCU500

Fisherbrand Water Purification Systems

ACCU20, ACCU100, ACCU500

Our new range of Fisherbrand water purification systems provide Type 1 water suitable for a wide range of applications such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), GC, AAS, immunocytochemistry, mammalian cell culture and plant tissue culture.

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