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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Polyacrylamide Desalting Columns

Separate proteins and other macromolecules from low-molecular weight buffer salts and reagents with porous polyacrylamide-based gel-filtration columns.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 89849

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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce Polyacrylamide Desalting Columns are ready-to-use, disposable, gel-filtration columns for separating proteins and other macromolecules from low molecular-weight buffer salts and reagents.

Polyacrylamide Desalting Columns are pre-packed with porous polyacrylamide beads that have either a 2K or a 6/7K molecular-weight cutoff (MWCO) exclusion limit. The three different sizes of pre-packed columns are appropriate for processing samples ranging from 30μL to 2.5mL. The larger columns are designed to desalt biological samples by gravity-flow; the small spin columns (7K MWCO only) are designed for use with a microcentrifuge. Unlike dextran, cellulose and other polysaccharide-based gel-filtration resins, beaded polyacrylamide resin is not subject to enzymatic degradation and will not serve as a nutrient for microbial growth. The resin is very hydrophilic, and this property minimizes the possibility of nonspecific binding and problematic interactions with typical aqueous sample components. Oxidizing agents and hydrazide can be processed without chemical interaction with the support. However, the resin is susceptible to hydrolysis of amide groups when heated under extreme pH conditions. The resin can be autoclaved at near-neutral conditions.


  • Formats: pre-packed 5mL and 10mL gravity-flow columns (1.8K and 6K MWCO only) and 0.7mL microcentrifuge columns (7K MWCO only)

  • Resin type: porous, beaded polyacrylamide

  • Bead size: 90 to 180μm dia. (6K and 7K resins); 45 to 90μm dia. (1.8K resin)

  • Flow rate: up to 2.5mL/min (fast compared to other desalting resins)

  • Chemical stability: compatible with water, salt solutions, many organic solvents and alkaline or acidic conditions

  • Mechanical stability: medium rigidity compared to other gel-filtration resins

  • Heat stability: resin is autoclavable dry or in solution at a neutral pH for 30 minutes at 120°C without affecting its chromatographic properties

Item-Specific Features:

  • 1.8K MWCO resin (5mL column only) recovers all peptides and proteins larger than 1800 daltons with high efficiency; only salts and very small compounds (less than 100 MW) are removed fully
  • 6K MWCO resin (5mL and 10mL columns only) recovers proteins larger than 6000 daltons with high efficiency; salts and small compounds (less than 1000 MW) are removed fully
  • 7K MWCO resin (0.7mL spin column only) recovers proteins larger than 7000 daltons with high efficiency; salts and small compounds (less than 1000 MW) are removed fully


Pre-packed columns with top and bottom caps

Recommended for:

Removing salts from protein solutions; Removing phenol from nucleic acid preparations; Separating excess crosslinker from conjugate preparations; Removing excess derivatizing agents from modified proteins; Removing unreacted dye from fluorescent antibodies; Removing free radiolabel from labeled proteins; Exchanging one buffer for another



Upon receipt store at 4°C.
25 Columns
Size-Exclusion, Polyacrylamide Resin
7.0 kDa
Buffer Exchange, Protein
120 μL
Microcentrifuge, Spin Column
Spin Desalting Column
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