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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ IgG Plus Orientation Kits

Bind and covalently immobilize antibodies to create a reusable affinity purification column with high binding capacity with Protein A or G agarose columns and DSS crosslinker.

Brand:  Thermo Scientific™ 44990

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These IgG orientation kits use a crosslinker to covalently attach antibody that is bound to Protein A or Protein G agarose resin, thereby creating a reusable affinity column for purification of antigens. The Plus Orientation Kits provide for more efficient and stable antibody immobilization than the traditional orientation method because they use the NHS-ester crosslinker DSS (disuccinimidyl suberate) rather than the imidoester crosslinker DMP (dimethyl pimelimidate). Several milligrams of IgG can be bound and crosslinked to each 2mL column, afterwhich the prepared affinity column can be used multiple times for antigen purification using typical binding and elution conditions.

The immobilization method is called orientation because antibodies are first captured to the affinity resin through their Fc regions, which are the target binding sites of Protein A and Protein G ligands. Thus, the antibodies are bound with their antigen-binding sites oriented outward. DSS crosslinker reacts with primary amines (side chain of lysine residues) of the Protein A/G and affinity-bound antibody, thereby covalently and permanently attaching the proteins together.


  • Contaminant-free antigen purification – enables antigen purification without contamination (co-elution) of antibody

  • Covalent, leak-resistant antibody immobilization – high-capacity binding of IgG to Protein A or Protein G agarose, followed by efficient crosslinking with DSS crosslinker

  • High-quality agarose resin – crosslinked 6% beaded agarose with recombinant Protein A or Protein G

  • Gentle binding and crosslinking conditions – coupling antibody in standard PBS

  • Oriented immobilization – binds and crosslinks IgG with the antigen-binding sites directed outward, able to capture passing antigen in the mobile phase without steric hindrance

  • Complete kits – include all the reagents needed to immobilize the antibody

  • Better than DMP – less antibody leaching than traditional orientation method with dimethyl pimelimidate crosslinker


Protein A or G columns, disuccinimidyl suberate (DSS), PBS pack, blocking buffer, binding/wash buffer, elution buffer, and column accessories



Pierce Protein G IgG Plus Orientation Kit, 2mL
Antibody Binding/Wash Buffer, 120mL
Preparing 2 x 2mL reusable affinity columns by immobilizing 1-6mg mouse IgG per column
Multi-component kit with 2 x 2mL resin columns
2 column kit