Invitrogen DYNAL™ Dynabeads™ M-280 Tosylactivated

Covalently couple antibodies, peptides, intact proteins and functional enzymes to surface of magnetic bead

Brand: Invitrogen

Manufacturer Part Number: 14203

UNSPSC: 41116133

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For Research Use Only. All usage must comply with product instructions.

Description and Specification


Storage Requirements Storage: 2°C to 8°C.
Applications Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Protein Purification, Immunoprecipitation, Organelle Isolation, Phage Display, Protein and Peptide Purification, Protein Complex Isolation and Analysis, Protein Complex Pull-Down, Protein Sample Preparation and Protein Purification, Protein-Protein Interactions, Proteins, Expression, Isolation and Analysis
Shelf Life 36 months
Purity Research Grade
Quantity 2mL
Sample Type Any Sample Type

Dynabeads are non-porous monodisperse superparamagnetic beads that are highly mobile in solution, enabling ligands coupled to beads to continuously interact with entire sample volume. The superparamagnetic beads are pulled to tube walls by transferring tube to rack containing strong magnetic field (From the red navigation bar navigate Brands > Dynal; > Magnets). Strong magnetic fields quickly pull beads to tube wall, allowing for easy and complete removal of supernatant by pipette. Washing steps are performed similarly. Optimal antibody orientation makes these beads an excellent choice for immunoprecipitation of proteins and protein complexes.

Ultra rapid protocols

  • Identify members of protein complexes in minutes rather than hours
  • Temporal resolution short enough to identify transient and labile complexes
  • Identify binding partners that cannot be identified with longer protocols
  • Rapid protocols further reduce already ultra-low background binding
  • Stronger signal to noise-ratios
  • IP of proteins and protein complexes
  • Couple functional enzymes to bead surface for downstream assays
  • Couple peptides to bead surface to identify binders
Purify peptides, proteins and enzymes that are:
  • Transiently stable
  • Structurally intact
  • Temperature labile
  • In their native conformation and functional

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