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IL-4 Polyclonal Antibody, PeproTech®, Invitrogen™

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

Brand:  Invitrogen 500-P94-1MG

Additional Details : Weight : 0.16500kg

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AA Sequence of recombinant protein: MHGCNDSPLR EIINTLNQVT EKGTPCTEMF VPDVLTATRN TTENELICRA SRVLRKFYFP RDVPPCLKNK SGVLGELRKL CRGVSGLNSL RSCTVNESTL TTLKDFLESL KSILRGKYLQ SCTSMS. Preparation: Produced from sera of rabbits immunized with highly pure Recombinant Rat IL-4. Anti-Rat IL-4-specific antibody was purified by affinity chromatography employing an immobilized Rat IL-4 matrix. Sandwich ELISA: To detect Rat IL-4 by sandwich ELISA (using 100 μL/well antibody solution) a concentration of 0.5-2.0 μg/mL of this antibody is required. This antigen affinity purified antibody, in conjunction with PeproTech Biotinylated Anti-Rat IL-4 (500-P94Bt) as a detection antibody, allows the detection of at least 0.2-0.4 ng/well of Recombinant Rat IL-4. Western Blot: To detect Rat IL-4 by Western Blot analysis this antibody can be used at a concentration of 0.1-0.2 μg/mL. When used in conjunction with compatible secondary reagents, the detection limit for Recombinant Rat IL-4 is 1.5-3.0 ng/lane, under either reducing or non-reducing conditions.

Interleukin-4 (IL-4) is a pleiotropic, immune-modulatory cytokine produced by activated T cells, and serves as a ligand for interleukin 4 receptor. IL-4 has been found to have the broadest range of actions. The interleukin 4 receptor also binds to IL13, which may contribute to many overlapping functions of this cytokine and IL13. STAT6, a signal transducer and activator of transcription, has been shown to play an important role in mediating the immune regulatory signal of IL-4. The IL-4 gene, IL-3, IL-5, IL-13, and CSF2 form a cytokine gene cluster on chromosome 5q. In particular, IL-4 is located in close proximity to IL13 on the chromosome. Further, the IL-4 gene, IL13 and IL5 are found to be coordinated by several long-range regulatory elements over a 120 kilobase range on the chromosome. IL-4 delta 2 is a known splice variant of IL-4.


B cell growth factor 1; B_cell stimulatory factor 1; B-cell growth factor 1; B-cell IgG differentiation factor; B-cell stimulatory factor 1; BCGF1; BCGF-1; binetrakin; BSF1; BSF-1; cytokine; H-IL-4; IGG1 induction factor; IL2; IL4; Il-4; Il4e12; ILN; Interleukin; interleukin 4; interleukin 4 variant 2; interleukin 4 variant IL-4delta2; interleukin 4 variant IL-4delta3; interleukin 4 variant IL-4int2A; interleukin 4 variant IL-4int3A; interleukin 4 variant IL-4int3B; Interleukin4; interleukin-4; interleukin-4 precursor; lymphocyte stimulatory factor 1; MGC79402; M-IL-4; Pitrakinra
Antigen affinity chromatography
ELISA, Western Blot
0.1-1.0 mg/mL
PBS with no preservative
E.coli-derived Recombinant Rat IL-4
1 mg
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