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Genevac™ Concentrator EZ-2 Plus

Brand:  Genevac™ EZ3P-23050-NN0

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Using advanced evaporation science, the EZ-2 has been designed specifically for solvent removal in life science research, be that concentration of samples, or complete drying. Genevac's long experience in vacuum engineering has resulted in the creation of a compact sample concentrator combining great performance, ease of use and compatibility with all commonly used solvents and acids, including TFA.The innovative design of the EZ-2 presents real advantages to life science laboratories with solvent evaporation and sample preparation or concentration needs. At the heart of the evaporator are a robust, solvent resistant, oil free pump and the high efficiency, defrost-free SpeedTrap, which traps all solvents as liquids. To enable all users to achieve excellent results every time there is no need for special training - just load, set and walk away. Once the samples are dry, or the concentration end point is reached, the run stops automatically.The high capacity H-shaped rotor design takes flasks, tubes, vials, reaction blocks, microtitre plates and SampleGenie
Ease of
se and peace of mind
The EZ-2 can operate entirely unattended. Simply set the temperature, select the solvent type, and press Start. Dri-Pure™ activates automatically when required and protects against sample 'bumping' while the SampleShield system prevents overheating. The system stops automatically when the samples are dry/concentrated, alternatively, a timed method may be set. The Pause button enables samples to be checked without interrupting the automatic programme. For safety, the lid only opens when the rotor has stopped. Out-of-balance and thermal cut outs are standard. To further enhance performance user definable final drying times enable accurate, reproducible concentration or enhanced final drying. For those requiring further optimisation new methods can be quickly and easily created (by you local Genevac representative) and optimised in the laboratory (EZ-2 Plus and Envi models only).
The revolutionary SpeedTrap™
The EZ-2 is fitted with an enhanced version of Genevac's revolutionary SpeedTrap. This highly chemically resistant cold trap is designed to condense solvents, in order to protect the environment, and help to speed evaporation. The SpeedTrap runs at -50°C to enable it to catch the most volatile solvents. However, it does not freeze the condensed solvent, even when working with water. Solvents collect in the insulated, plastic coated glass vessel, enabling the user to check the progress of evaporation and determine when the trap should be emptied. The glass vessel is removed by a quarter turn, allowing the solvent to be poured directly into the waste container. Replace the vessel with a quarter turn, and the EZ-2 is ready to run again.

Solvent resistant diaphragm pump
The vacuum pump is an oil free ILMVAC pump with PTFE diaphragms and fittings to resist attack by even the most aggressive solvents. Pumps are designed for long life, quiet running and high performance.

HCl resistant build option
A low-cost option is available for the EZ-2 Standard and EZ-2 Plus for use with concentrated hydrochloric acid or nitric acid. Key elements of the system are engineered in Hastelloy™ glass or PTFE, to provide full protection against these acids. This HCl option must be specified when ordering, as it cannot be retrofitted.

Inert gas purge option
When working with highly explosive solvents, such as diethyl ether or pentane, the Inert Gas Purge (IGP) system is mandatory. The IGP flushes all the air out of the system before the evaporation process starts, replacing it with an inert gas - nitrogen or argon. Additionally, the IGP system fills the system with inert gas when the evaporator stops, and can be used to keep sensitive samples under a gas blanket until removed by the operator. Available on all models.

EZ-2 accepts a wide range of formats, including flasks, vials, tubes and microtitre plates. However there are many situations where a large volume needs to be dried or concentrated and placed into a small vial. SampleGenie comprises sample tube and sample holder technology which enables large volume samples to be dried or concentrated directly into the small vial of your choice, e.g., HPLC purification fractions may be combined into one tube and dried into the final vial. SampleGenie is constructed from borosilicate glass is compatible with screw thread and crimp top vials with dimensions from 12 to 28mm diameter and up to 70mm in height. Sample Genie is available in three sizes to accommodate sample volumes of up to 60mL, 125mL and 250mL. The insulating properties of the polypropylene vial adapter combined with temperature and pressure control and dryness detection on the EZ-2 enable accurate reproducible concentration of samples for analysis directly into the autosampler vial.
  • Ultra-compact design, with all components integrated saves valuable bench space
  • Easier to use than a rotary evaporator
  • Smart evaporation software gives great results every time
  • Advanced technology offers total sample protection
  • Versatile design accommodates a wide choice of sample holders
  • Easy maintenance contributes to low cost of ownership
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