MAP2 Polyclonal Antibody, Invitrogen™

MAP2 Antibody, PA1-10005, from Invitrogen™. Species Reactivity: Bovine, Chicken, Equine, Human, Mouse, Porcine, Rat; Applications: ICC, IF, IHC, WB.

Brand: Invitrogen

Manufacturer Part Number: PA1-10005

UNSPSC: 12352203

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Description and Specification


Antigen MAP2
Applications Immunocytochemistry
Applications Immunofluorescence
Applications Immunohistochemistry
Applications Western Blot
Conjugate Unlabeled
Format Purified
Formulation 50μL purified antibody in PBS and 5mM sodium azide
Gene Accession No. P11137, P15146, P20357
Gene Alias Microtubule Associated Protein 2
Gene Symbols MAP2
Host Species Chicken
Immunogen Purified bovine MAP2.
Isotype IgY
Quantity 50μL
Storage Requirements avoiding freeze/thaw cycles.
Primary or Secondary Primary
Monoclonal or Polyclonal Polyclonal
Gene ID (Entrez) 100049852, 100153306, 17756, 25595, 281294, 4133, 424001
Target Species Bovine
Target Species Chicken
Target Species Equine
Target Species Human
Target Species Murine
Target Species Porcine
Target Species Rat

Microtubules are 25nm diameter protein rods found in most kinds of eukarytic cells. They are polymerized from a dimeric subunit made of one a subunit and one b tubulin subunit. Microtubules are associated with a family of proteins called microtubule associated proteins (MAPs), which includes the protein t (tau) and a group of proteins referred to as MAP1, MAP2, MAP3, MAP4 and MAP5. MAP2 is made up of two ∽280kDa apparent molecular weight bands referred to as MAP2a and MAP2b. A third lower molecular weight form, usually called MAP2c, corresponds to a pair of protein bands running at ∽70kDa on SDS-PAGE gels. All these MAP2 forms are derived from a single gene by alternate transcription, and all share a C-terminal sequence which includes either three or four microtubule binding peptide sequences, which are very similar to those found in the related microtubule binding protein t (tau). MAP2 isoforms are expressed only in neuronal cells and specifically in the perikarya and dendrites of these cells. Antibodies to MAP2 are therefore excellent markers on neuronal cells, their perikarya and neuronal dendrites. In contrast t (tau) is found predominantly in neuronal axons.
Host Species: Chicken
Cross Reactivity: Bovine, Chicken, Equine, Human, Mouse, Porcine, Rat
Isotype: IgY
Immunogen: Purified bovine MAP2.
Formulation: 50μL purified antibody in PBS and 5mM sodium azide
Synonyms: Microtubule Associated Protein 2
Uniprot Accession: P11137, P15146, P20357
Entrez GeneID: 100049852, 100153306, 17756, 25595, 281294, 4133, 424001
Gene Symbol: MAP2
This product detects MAP2 in Bovine, Chicken, Equine, Human, Mouse, Porcine and Rat samples. This product has been successfully used in Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry and Western Blot procedures. The immunogen is Purified bovine MAP2..