Ansell Guardian™ Helps Companies Select the Right PPE Solution to Improve Safety, Productivity and Cost Performance

Ansell Guardian™ is our unique, tailor-made assessment service carried out by our safety experts to improve the safety, productivity and cost performance of your company.

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Performed by our safety experts, Ansell Guardian™ is a service that helps our customers to improve their safety and productivity, combining 45 years of safety assessment experience with a data-driven methodology designed to deliver a unique personalised solution.

Webinar key topics:

  • Safety and compliance - personalised risk management solutions that lead to improved worker safety, injury reduction and increased regulatory compliance
  • Cost performance - advice on business performance improvement that results in lower costs for your company
  • Productivity - best practice recommendations to optimise your PPE dispensing, improve your company's output and eliminate waste, all leading to an increase in productivity

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Our Speaker

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Mr. Neill Fleming

Life Science Specialist at Ansell Healthcare Europe

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