Analytical Testing Methods

Analytical Testing Methods

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Analytical testing methods help Iabs and researchers identify and monitor acidity and ion concentrations, water content, and many other properties of a range of sample types.

Analytical techniques such as Karl Fischer titration, as well as pH and ASTM methods, are frequently used in water testing, environmental analysis, and food and beverage testing. They are also used in pharmaceutical production and the production of cosmetics, petroleum, building materials, and more, as well as in clinical research.

Accurate, consistent outcomes are mandatory, and efficiency is just as important. The analytical testing chemicals and lab products you choose help deliver the outcomes you need, and boost confidence that your samples won't be wasted.

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pH & Electrochemistry

pH and electrochemistry meters and related products are used to assess acidity and alkalinity, conductivity, specific ion concentrations, and dissolved oxygen in water, wastewater, and other solutions.

Electrodes must be carefully stored and maintained for optimal performance. As such it is important to select the right storage bottles and electrode filling, cleaning, rinsing, and storage accessories.

Electrochemistry meters also require regular calibration and maintenance. Standard and certified pH buffers as well as conductivity and specific ion standards are available. Other accessories include electrode supports, bulb guards, cables, connectors, and adapters.

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Karl Fischer Titration

Karl Fischer titration is used with a range of sample types to determine trace amounts of water in samples. Labs and researchers use two types of Karl Fischer titration based on a sample's properties.

Coulometric KF titration is ideal for liquid and gaseous samples with low water content (up to 2%). Water content is measured by electrical current, and the instrument's cell is made from glass with ground joint connections that ensure a tight seal against atmospheric moisture.

Volumetric KF titration is used with solid, liquid and gaseous samples with high water content (over 2%). Water content is measured by burette instead of electrical current, and the instrument's cell construction differs from a coulometric titrator.

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Trace Elemental Analysis

In chemistry, elemental analysis is the activity of determining the chemical elements of a compound by using chemical analysis, organic analysis, spectroscopy or atomic absorption spectrometry, among others. Sometimes, the sample's isotopic composition is also defined.

The quantity determination of a specific element within a sample material (soil, waste, water, minerals, chemical compounds etc) can be performed on a solid, liquid or gas and can be divided into two categories:

  • Qualitative analysis: determines which elements are present
  • Quantitative analysis: determines how much of each element is present

We can offer a complete line of different grade reagents and elemental standards to meet the most challenging applications.

Different grades of products are available, depending on the sensitivity you need and the technology you use, e.g.: AAS, GFAAS, ICP, ICP-OES and ICP-MS.

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ASTM Standards

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) test methods are definitive procedures that produce a result. They usually include a detailed description of a procedure for determining a property or constituent of a material, an assembly of materials, or a product. These details include the apparatus, test specimen, procedure, and calculations needed for satisfactory results.

ASTM test methods represent a consensus about the best currently available procedure and are supported by experience and data from cooperative tests.

The ASTM publishes six types of standards: test method, specification, classification, practice, guide, and terminology.

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