On-Demand Webinars

On-Demande Webinars

Learn More about Chromatography with our On-Demand webinars:

Making the undetectable detectable – derivatization in GC


You will learn about the principles of GC derivatization, why it should be used in analysis and how the technique can be utilised in order to give the chromatography results you desire.

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Tips and Tricks – Getting the best out of your GC System


Gas Chromatography is a technique widely used for analysis of matrices such as foods, water and biological samples. In order to get the optimum results form your analysis, it is important to ensure that method development and troubleshooting are addressed concisely.

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Fast GC reducing your analysis time, increasing your sample


In this webinar, we will discuss the move from conventional to fast GC through the use of shorter, narrower columns. Consideration in system parameters that need to be made in order to maintain quality of results will be discussed, and a number of applications showing the move to fast GC presented.

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Using consumables to reduce complexity, and lower costs


With the ever increasing array of consumables available for each part of the modern GC instrument it can be difficult to make the right choice for an application. The result of this is that many users stick to whichever consumables they have available and miss the opportunity to make a real improvement to their method performance and robustness.

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The use of solid core technology in the pharmaceutical environment


It will outline how solid core technology can be readily used to face the challenges within the pharmaceutical sector, looking at both small and large biomolecules. Choosing an appropriate column will be discussed, with an insight into why solid core works and how to optimize the solid core to porous layer for different forms of molecules.

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Next Generation UHPLC Technologies in LC Labs


This webinar is all about UHPLC performance. How can new column technology, delivering the best separation power, be married with the best UHPLC hardware to ensure that the result is an outstanding one? How can we as chromatographers ensure that even very complex and unfamiliar samples are assayed with the highest scrutiny possible?

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