Honeywell solvents in returnable containers

Save Time and Money

Reduce your solvent storage, handling, and disposal cost by 98%*

  • With no packaging waste, no hazardous disposal costs, and no rinsing done on site, your lab will be greener and more environmentally friendly. 
  • Solvents in returnable containers take up 50% less space than glass bottles, reducing your storage costs by half.
  • Our containers are convenient to transport with easy to grip handles and shatterproof stainless steel construction.
  • Safer for staff due to minimised fire risk, incidents of spillage, and exposure to hazardous solvents.


Accelerate your research by saving a week of lab time per year*

  • Save time testing solvent batches, handling solvent bottles, and connecting and exchanging bottles with your instrument.
  • The dispensing accessories enable easy, secure and contamination free direct connections to instruments, or multiple dispensing points. 
  • After the container is empty, it will be collected and cleaned by Honeywell.
  •  The returnable containers are filled with Honeywell quality solvents that have excellent lot-to-lot consistency and come with a detailed Certificate of Analysis. 
  • Honeywell is home to Chromasolv™ high purity solvents for chromatography, which are trusted and relied upon by thousands of scientists, and are referenced in over 6000 peer reviewed publications**.


*Based on usage of 250 cases of 4 x 2.5L of solvent per year, compared to a 200L container.
**Source: Google Scholar

Program and Documents
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Honeywell Returnable Container Programme

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Honeywell Research Chemical Returnable Drum Form

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*Solvents in returnable containers cannot be ordered directly through the Fisher Scientific website.

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