Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Probes

WTW™ Sensor de oxígeno disuelto FDO 925

Fast and flow-free, the FDO™ 925 is ideal suited for field measurement. FDO 925 ELECTRODE

Thermo Scientific™ Sonda de oxígeno disuelto Orion™ RDO™

Mida los niveles de oxígeno disuelto sin dificultades para sustituir la membrana mediante la sonda de oxígeno disuelto Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ RDO™. PROTECTION SONDA OXY INOX 15M CAB

WTW™ Célula de conductividad de 4 electrodos TetraCon™ 925

With its easy handling and robust design, these electrode conductivity cells are proven 2 and 4 electrode technology. The four electrode measuring cell TetraCon™ 925 model is for medium and high conductivity. TETRACON® 925, LEITFÄHIGKEITSMESSZELLE

Thermo Scientific™ Sonda de DBO Orion™ AUTO-STIR™

Realice mediciones de oxígeno disuelto de forma precisa y cómoda con la sonda de DBO Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AUTO-STIR™. SONDA O2/DBO CON AGITADOR

Thermo Scientific™ Sonda de OD epoxi estándar Orion™ para laboratorio o en el campo.

Utilice este versátil producto como indica su nombre, ya sea en el laboratorio o en el campo.. Permite obtener resultados fiables independientemente del entorno. DO2 PROBE WITH 3M CABLE FOR PH/DO2 AND MULTI-PARAMeter models

Velp Scientifica™ BOD Sensor Analyzer Sensor Set

Velp Scientifica™ BOD Sensor Set is innovative, mercury-free and extremely reliable solution for BOD analysis (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). B.O.D. SENSOR SETB.O.D. SENSOR SET

Mettler Toledo™ Sensor galvánico

Robust and easy to use sensors. Mettler Toledo Indicating Galvanic Sensors have integrated temperature sensor. Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor provides an easy way to measure DO. DO SENSOR + NTC TEMP PROBE 1M

YSI™ Cable y sonda 626250 ProODO

Stores calibration data within the sensor, allowing probes to be placed on any ProODO instrument without re-calibration 1M PROBE&CABLE FOR PRO ODO

Thermo Scientific™ Sonda de OD para laboratorio o campo Orion™

Utilice esta sonda de oxígeno disuelto como su nombre indica, en el laboratorio o sobre el terreno. La sonda de OD para laboratorio o campo Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ es duradera y precisa. DO2 PROBE 8 PIN FOR DO2 METER PHK-615-030V

YSI™ ProBOD Self Stirring BOD Probe


WTW™ Sensor de oxígeno disuelto galvánico para medidor de conductividad y multiparamétrico WTW™

Obtenga resultados de pruebas exactos para soluciones de agua y acuosas con estos sensores de oxígeno disuelto galvánico recubiertos por una membrana que son de bajo mantenimiento y no necesitan tiempo de polarización. SONDA O2/T°C DUROX CABLE 3M

Velp Scientifica™ BOD Sensor

Velp Scientifica™ BOD Sensor is innovative, mercury-free and extremely reliable solution for BOD analysis (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). B.O.D. SENSORB.O.D. SENSOR

WTW™ LR 925/01 2 Electrode Conductivity Cell

The conductivity measuring cells of the highest quality for decades. These are the basis for the new IDS conductivity measuring cells. The advantages of the IDS technology include the automatic transfer of the cell constant and therefore the exclusion of possible erroneous input. LR 925/01 ELECTRODE

Oakton™ DO/Temperature Probe for Acorn™ DO 6

ELECTRODE EUTECH GALVANIC DISSOLVED OXYGEN, WITHATC and2 assembled membrane cap housing includes

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Dissolved Oxygen/BOD Probe

Make any pH meter a dissolved oxygen meter with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Dissolved Oxygen/BOD Probe. MEMBRANA CAP PRE-FILLED

Fisherbrand™ Oxygen/Temp Probes

Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Probe ideal for use in most laboratory and scientific environments. SONDA OXIGENO/T°C IND./CABLE 15M

Hanna Instruments™ Probe


Mettler Toledo™ InLab OptiOx™ DO Sensor

Designed for harsh environments. Mettler Toledo™ InLab OptiOx™ DO Sensor is an optical dissolved oxygen sensor with an integrated temperature probe and easy-to-replace sensor caps. The robust and manageable design uses RDO technology and is well suited for a wide range of applications. ELECT DISS OXY RDO ISM 10M LTW

WTW™ Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for WTW Conductivity and Multiparameter

proven conventional sensors for pH, ORP, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen are the masters of all measurements in the field and in the lab SONDA 02/T°C CELLOX 325 CABLE 20M

Consort DO Electrode, Galvanic, Delrin Body, S8/BNC

Consort DO Electrode, Galvanic, Delrin Body, S8/BNC is an industrial electrode for use in dissolved oxygen control in watery solutions that features a 15m cable, built-in ATC/Temperature (Pt1000), 2 BNC plugs and an S8 screw head. SZ12T OXYGEN ELECTRODE CABLE 15M

Velp Scientifica™ BOD Sensor Check

Velp Scientifica™ BOD Sensor Check for use with BOD and BOD EVO Sensors. SENSOR CHECKSENSOR CHECK

YSI™ Conductivity/Temperature Sensor for Quatro Cable

For use in the Quatro 4-port cable and bulkhead for the Professional Plus handheld instruments CAPTOR COND/T°C PARA SONDA MULTI

YSI™ Cables and DO/Temp/Conductivity Probes for 556 Multi-Probe System

Handheld multiprobe meter SONDA O2/COND/TEMP CABLE 4M

YSI Yellow Spring Instrument™ BOD Probes