Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Disposable Loops and Needles

Easily identify these color-coded disposable loops and needles, precision molded from nontoxic (USP Class VI) polystyrene material. X1000 NEEDLE NUNC IN SUB PACKS OF 50 YELLOW (PACKof 1000)

Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Double Curved Post-Mortem Needle

Stitch with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Double Curved Post-Mortem Needles for quality and precision. 11.4cm Shandon Double Curved Post-Mortem Needle

Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Half Curved Post-Mortem Needle

Stitch with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Half Curved Post-Mortem Needles for quality and precision. 11.4cm Shandon Half Curved Post-Mortem Needle

Gosselin™ Sterile Polystyrene Inoculating Loops

Constructed of flexible polystyrene for optimum retrieval of an inoculum from a culture. Gosselin™ Sterile Polystyrene Inoculating Loops provide a superior solution for transferring microscopic organisms, inoculum, or streaking. X9000 PS-loops, 1?l, L = 192mm, sterile

Brand™ Polystyrene Inoculation Loop

Permits gentle streaking without damaging the nutrient surface. BRAND™ Polystyrene Inoculation Loops are highly flexible, with loop at one end and needle at the other or loops at both ends. X1000 Inoculation loop w.needle PS y-sterilzed 10µl blue f. inocul. nutrient media

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Replica-Plating Tool and Replacement Velveteen Squares

Utilize a locking ring which secures sterile velveteen squares onto a PVC cylinder for easy control of the plating device X36 VELVETEEN SQUARES,FOR USE WITH REPLICA PLATING

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Replacement Cushion for Inoculating Turntable

Cushion replacement for Inoculating turntablenatural rubber Scienceware, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Sartorius™ Inoculating Loop

Component of 24002 School Microbiology Kit INOCULATION LOOP

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Inoculating Turntable

Allows even distribution of bacterial cells in Petri dishes from 60 through 100mm dia. ENSEMENCEUR MANUEL ROTATIF

Technical Service Consultants™ Sterile Inoculation Loop


Pro-Lab Diagnostics Insulated Wire Loop Holders

Insulated nickel-plated brass holders in two sizes Loop Holder insulated 203mm1/cs, MA: TBD

WLD Tec™ Sterile Inoculation Loop

Impfösen aus Spezial-Edelstahl, Draht D=0,6mm,Öse ID=3mm, (VE=10Stck.)

Technical Service Consultants™ High Impact Polystyrene Inoculating Loop

X1000 Culture loop disposable sterile In bags of

Pro Lab Diagnostics™ Sterile Inoculation Loop

X25 Loop calibrated wire 5µL (pack of 25)

Technical Service Consultants™ Sterile Inoculation Needle

X1000 NEEDLES,STYRENE WITH CHISEL TIP,STERILE (50Bags of 20) Pack of 1000)

Pro Lab Diagnostics™ Chrome-Nickel Loop

X25 Loop calibrated wire 1µL (pack of 25)

Hamilton™ Metal Hub Needle

X6 N NEEDLE (21/**/**)

WLD Tec™ Platinum Inoculating Loop

Impfösen aus Platin/Iridium,Draht D=0,6mm, ÖseID=1mm

BD™ Vacutainer™ Blood Collection Multi-sample Needles

X1000 Needle BD Vacutainer multi-sample, blood

Hamilton™ Hubless Needle

X6 HUBLESS NDL (18/**/**)

WLD Tec™ Inoculating loop platinum 5mm diameter loop 0.6mm diameter wire

Impfösen aus Platin/Iridium,Draht D=0,6mm, ÖseID=5mm

BD Vacutainer™ Blood Collection Needle

X1000 Needle BD Vacutainer Flashback, blood collec

Cadence Science™ Malleable Stainless Steel Animal Feeding Needles

Features type 304 stainless steel tubing. X100 CANNULA INOX STRT 20G 1-1/2'

Inoculating Loop


BD Vacutainer™ Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needle

Provides fast, easy needle-tip protection. BD Vacutainer™ Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needle is a multi-sample blood collection needle with an integrated safety shield that offers a simple, effective way to collect blood while reducing the possibility of needle stick injuries. X100 Safety needle BD Vacutainer(R) Eclipse(TM)

Technical Service Consultants™ Hard Crystal Polystyrene Inoculating Loop


Vacutainer™ 21 Gauge Needle

X100 Needles Vacutainer multiple sample 21G x1.5inches (pack of 100)

Pro-Lab Diagnostics Certified/Calibrated Nichrome Wire Loops

For use when strict calibration is required Loop holder insulated 203mm