Flammable and Explosion-Proof Freezers

Liebherr™ Spark-Free Interior, Lab Freezer

For secure, accurate and long-lasting freezer storage of temperature-sensitive products, the Spark-Free Interior, Lab Freezer is fully-equipped for lab applications with Liebherr build-quality you can rely on. EN 60068 temperature mapping and SmartMonitoring options. FREEZER LIEBHERR LGEX3410 LAB, UPRIGHT, SPARKfree (ATEX), 360L manual defrost, digital control,

Labcold™ Sparkfree Freezers

For the safe storage of potentially flammable items. Labcold™ Sparkfree Freezers come in both chest and upright models. Sparkfree Freezer RLVF1514, 400LT, -12 to -24