Magnetic Stirrers

Fisherbrand™ RT Basic Magnetic Stirrers

Reliability with plug and play simplicity — ideal for routine stirring applications

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec i Poly 15 and Multipoint Stirrers

Conduct stirring applications with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Poly 15 and Multipoint Stirrers for reliable, safe performance.

Fisherbrand™ Single Position Electromagnetic Stirrer

Slim and compact electromagnetic stirrer designed with modern magnetic coil technology. For better mixing, pulse mode is provided in which a stirring bar can rotate clockwise and counter clockwise for every 30 seconds.

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Power Direct High Capacity Stirrer

Stir up to 40L with the integrated controller of the Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Power Direct, ideal for high-capacity stirring.

Thermo Scientific™ RT Basic Series Magnetic Stirrers

Experience reliability with the plug-and-play Thermo Scientific™ RT Basic Series Magnetic Stirrers, ideal for routine stirring applications.

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ Stirrer

Experience precise stirring control and exceptional safety performance for your routine protocols. Available in three sizes, which provide flexibility from microscale chemistries to production operations.

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ Al/Si Alloy Digital Hotplate Stirrer

Sophisticated stirring hot plates offering digital control of both temperature and stirring speed. Comes complete with a detachable PTFE coated probe to accurately control sample temperature to within ±0.5°C - even over long periods of time.

Neuation Technologies Pvt.Ltd. Four Position Electromagnetic Stirrer

4-position electromagnetic stirrer designed to give synchronous stirring. The modern magnetic coil technology provides noiseless and consistent stirring.

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ Advanced Stirrer

Reliable performance, dependable safety and precise control. Available with optimized controls and settings for applications that demand advanced precision.

Thermo Scientific™ Super-Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Stirrers

Carry out solubility studies, digestion, titration and enzymatic studies with Thermo Scientific™ Super-Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Stirrers.

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Mono & Maxi Direct Stirrers

Ensure reliability, safety, and performance with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Mono & Maxi Direct Stirrers, which are 100% maintenance– and wear–free.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Air Operated Turbine Magnetic Stirrer

Compact, small footprint stirrer is optimal for stirring vessels up to 1L

Velp Scientifica™ MULTISTIRRER DIgital Series

Provides synchronized stirring on 6 or 15 samples. Velp Scientifica™ MULTISTIRRER Digital Series can be combined with a recirculating water bath to thermostat the samples.

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Telesystem Multipoint Stirrers

Conduct applications with aggressive media in high-humidity environments with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Telesystem Multipoint Stirrers.

IKA™ Digital Color Squid Magnetic Stirrer

Small magnetic stirrer with glass surface with different flag motifs. Electronically controlled motor for more capacity.

Heathrow Scientific™ Magnetic Mini Stirrer

An economical stirring solution made for ultimate function, with optimal magnetic coupling and high quality stir bars to ensure dependable stirring efficiency.

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec+™ Stirrer Series

Get precise stirring control for your routine protocols.

Fisherbrand™ Mini Stirrers

Holds 1L. Fisherbrand™ Mini Stirrers have a stirring range of 350 to 2000rpm.

DWK Life Sciences DURAN™ Stirred Bottle Reactor, PP / PTFE / PEEK / Stainless Steel Contact surfaces

Easy-to-use GL 45 lab bottle based reactor system with tubing connectors for use with magnetic stirrers.

DWK Life Sciences DURAN™ GLS 80™ Stirred Bottle Reactor, Wide Mouth, Clear, PP / PTFE / PEEK / Stainless Steel Contact surfaces

Easy to use GLS 80™ lab bottle based reactor system with tubing connectors for use with magnetic stirrers.

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Mobil Direct Stirrers

Perform high-volume applications with the exceptional stirring power of Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Mobil Direct Stirrers.

Cole-Parmer™ Battery-Powered Magnetic Stirrer

Take this compact, battery-powered magnetic stirrer anywhere you need vigorous sample stirring. Ideal for field analysis.

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Mobil 10 and Mobil 25 Large Volume Stirrer

Stir and mix volumes up to 10L with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Mobil 10 and Mobil 25 Large Volume Stirrers, ideal for hard to stir viscous liquids.

IKA Plate (RCT Digital) Stir Plate

Reliable and durable digital, heating stirring plate with a round top of aluminum alloy.

Cole-Parmer™ Magnetic Stirrer

Stepless speed control provides smooth stirring action to 1500rpm

Medline Scientific™ Multi-position Magnetic Stirrers

With strong magnetic coupling to ensure constant stirring.

Heidolph™ Pt 1000 temperature sensor for Magnetic Stirrer

For use with MR Hei-End, MR Hei-tec, MR Hei-Connect and MR Hei-Standard magnetic stirrers

Cole-Parmer™ Stuart™ SM5/SWIRL Mini Stirrer

Powerful and lightweight small-footprint magnetic stirrer. Stuart™ SM5/SWIRL Mini Stirrer is made from robust polypropylene and polycarbonate.

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Compact and Maxi Stirrers

Handle challenging stirring environments with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Compact and Maxi Stirrers, 100% maintenance– and wear–free hermetically sealed units.

Corning™ PC-410D Stirrer with Digital Display

The Corning™ PC-410D stirrer with exclusive closed-loop stirring control monitors and regulates the stirring speed from 60-1150 rpm for aqueous, viscous or semi-solid solutions.