Antibody Panels and Kits

BD CompBead Anti-Mouse Ig, κ/Negative Control Particles Set

Used to optimize fluorescence compensation settings for multicolor flow cytometric analyses. BD™ Anti-Mouse Ig, κ/Negative Control Particles Set includes two sets of polystyrene microparticles to distinctly stain positive and negative populations, especially when using tandem dye conjugates.

Invitrogen™ TMB Stabilized Chromagen

For use with all sandwich ELISAs which utilize Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) as detecting enzyme

BD FoxP3 Staining Kit

High performance reagent kit for detection of human FoxP3 positive regulatory T cells

Invitrogen™ Assay Buffer (5X)

For use with antibody pairs (ELISA)

Invitrogen™ Wash Buffer (25X)

Suitable for use with all ELISA assays