Custom Services and Products

Invitrogen™ Novex™ DYNAL™ Dynabeads™ His-Tag Isolation and Pulldown

Designed for his-tagged protein isolation 10 ML DYNABEADS HIS-TAG ISOLATION AND PULLDOWN10mL store at 4°C

Corning™ 96 Well Ultra-Low Attachment Treated Spheroid Microplate

Ultra low attachment surface with covalently bonded hydrogel minimizes cell attachment, protein absorption, enzyme activation and cellular activation X5 Spheroid 96-well plate, Black with Clear Round bottom, with Lid, ULA, Sterile, 5/5

Invitrogen™ Dynabeads™ Protein A and Protein G Immunoprecipitation Kit

Provides faster and easier solution for immunoprecipitation experiments than sepharose or agarose IMMUNOPRECIPITATION KIT - DYNA40 reactions

Gibco™ ExpiCHO™ Expression System Kit

Provides the highest protein yields possible in a transient CHO system ExpiCHO Expression System Kit

Invitrogen™ Novex™ DYNAL™ Dynabeads™ Co-Immunoprecipitation Kit

Allows easy coupling of an antibody to the surface of uniform, 2.8μm super paramagnetic Dynabeads M-270 Epoxy beads DB CO-IMMUNOPRECIPITATION KITComplete kit for performing

BD FUT-175 (Futhan)

Synthetic, broad-specificity protease inhibitor and an inhibitor of the classical and alternate pathways of complement activation 5MG FUT-175 (Futhan)

Tocris™ ATPγS Tetralithium Salt

P2 agonist; ATP (Cat. No. 3245) analog ATP S TETRALITHIUM SALT, 10 MG

Thermo Scientific™ EpiJET™ Bisulfite Conversion Kit

The EpiJET Bisulfite Conversion Kit is used for an efficient bisulfite modification of DNA for methylation analysis. 50RXN Bisulfite conversion kit

Tocris™ ML 354

Selective PAR4 antagonist 50MG ML 354; 1-Methyl-5-nitro-3-phenyl-1H-indole-2-methanol

R&D Systems™ Z-Leu-Leu-Leu-B(OH)2 (MG-262)

Highly potent and selective cell-permeable inhibitor of the proteasome Z-LEU-LEU-LEU-B(OH)2 (MG-262), 200 uG

Corning™ Laminin/Entactin High Concentration Extracellular Matrix Protein

Provides a highly defined 3D culture environment for cell differentiation assays 10.5MG Laminin/Entactin High Concentration

R&D Systems™ clasto-Lactacystin beta Lactone

Potent, highly specific, irreversible and cell-permeable inhibitor that covalently modifies the beta subunits of the proteasome 1MG clasto-Lactacystinbeta Lactone

R&D Systems™ Mouse IL-23 R (NP_653131) VersaClone cDNA

IL-23 receptor; IL-23R; interleukin 23 receptor; interleukin-23 receptor 10UG mIL-23 R VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ Human LILRA1/CD85i/LIR-6 (NP_006854) VersaClone cDNA

Leucocyte immunoglobulin-like receptoreukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamily A member 1 10UG hLILRA1/CD85i VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Mouse PD-L2/B7-DC (NP_067371)

The extracellular domains of mouse and human PD-L2 share approximately 72% amino acid sequence identity 10UG mPD-L2/B7-DC VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Human LILRB5/CD85c/LIR-8 (NP_006831)

Also known as CD85c and LIR-8. This shuttle vector contains the complete ORF for the gene of interest, along with a Kozak consensus sequence for optimal translation initiation. 10UG hLILRB5 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris™ Neuromedin N

Neurotensin-like peptide NEUROMEDIN N, 1 MG

R&D Systems™ Mouse PDGF R alpha (NP_035188) VersaClone cDNA

CD140 antigen-like family member A 10UG mPDGF R alpha VersaClone cDNA

Tocris™ JNJ 27141491

Potent and selective human CCR2 antagonist 10MG JNJ 27141491; 3-[(1S)-1-(3,4-Difluorophenyl)propyl]-2,3-dihydro-5-(5-isoxazolyl)-2-thioxo-1H-im

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Cynomolgus Monkey PD-1 (NP_001271065)

PD1 likely has an inhibitory role in regulating immune responses and may contribute to the prevention of autoimmune diseases 10UG cmPD-1 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris™ BIM 23056

sst receptor ligand BIM 23056, 1 MG

Tocris™ b-Estradiol - d3

Deuterated β-estradiol (Cat. No. 2824) 1MG

R&D Systems™ Z-Leu-Leu-Nva-CHO (MG-115)

Reversible, cell-permeable chymotrypsin-like peptidase inhibitor of the 20S proteasome Z-LEU-LEU-NVA-CHO (MG-115), 5 MG

Tocris™ MM 102

WDR5/MLL interaction inhibitor 10MG MM 102; 1-[[(2S)-5-[(Aminoiminomethyl)amino]-2-[[2-ethyl-2-[(2-methyl-1-oxopropyl)amino]-1-oxob

R&D Systems™ VersaClone cDNA, Mouse VSIG2 (NP_065264)

VSIG2 likely participates in cell adhesion. This shuttle vector contains the complete ORF for the gene of interest, along with a Kozak consensus sequence for optimal translation initiation. 10UG mVSIG2 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris™ WWL 113

Ces3 and Ces1f inhibitor 10MG WWL 113; 4'-[[[Methyl[[3-(4-pyridinyl)phenyl]methyl]amino]carbonyl]oxy]-[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-carbo