Custom Services and Products

Invitrogen™ Novex™ DYNAL™ Dynabeads™ Co-Immunoprecipitation Kit

Allows easy coupling of an antibody to the surface of uniform, 2.8μm super paramagnetic Dynabeads M-270 Epoxy beads DB CO-IMMUNOPRECIPITATION KITComplete kit for performing

Gibco™ ExpiCHO™ Expression System Kit

Provides the highest protein yields possible in a transient CHO system ExpiCHO Expression System Kit

Corning™ Laminin/Entactin High Concentration Extracellular Matrix Protein

Provides a highly defined 3D culture environment for cell differentiation assays 10.5MG Laminin/Entactin High Concentration

Invitrogen™ Novex™ DYNAL™ Dynabeads™ His-Tag Isolation and Pulldown

Designed for his-tagged protein isolation 2 ML DYNABEADS HIS-TAG ISOLATION AND PULLDOWN 2MLstore at 4°C

Invitrogen™ Dynabeads™ Protein A and Protein G Immunoprecipitation Kit

Provides faster and easier solution for immunoprecipitation experiments than sepharose or agarose IMMUNOPRECIPITATION KIT - DYNAThis kit provides a faster and easier solution

Corning™ 96 Well Ultra-Low Attachment Treated Spheroid Microplate

Ultra low attachment surface with covalently bonded hydrogel minimizes cell attachment, protein absorption, enzyme activation and cellular activation X5 Spheroid 96-well plate, Black with Clear Round bottom, with Lid, ULA, Sterile, 5/5

Thermo Scientific™ EpiJET™ Bisulfite Conversion Kit

The EpiJET Bisulfite Conversion Kit is used for an efficient bisulfite modification of DNA for methylation analysis. 50RXN Bisulfite conversion kit

BD FUT-175 (Futhan)

Synthetic, broad-specificity protease inhibitor and an inhibitor of the classical and alternate pathways of complement activation 5MG FUT-175 (Futhan)

R&D Systems Human IL-10 R beta (NP_000619) VersaClone cDNA

D21S58; IL-10R2; IL10RB; CDw210b antigen 10UG hIL-10 Rb VersaClone cDNA

Tocris™ Ac2-12

Annexin/lipocortin 1-mimetic; inhibits leukocyte extravasation AC2-12, 1 MG

Tocris™ Spadin

Potent TREK-1 channel blocker 1MG Spadin

Tocris™ Flupirtine - d4 hydrochloride

Deuterated flupirtine (Cat. No. 2867) 1MG Flupirtine - d4 hydrochloride

R&D Systems PS-341, 26S Proteasome Inhibitor

A potent, specific, and reversible proteasome inhibitor 5MG PS-341

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human G-CSF R/CD114 (NP_000751)

Mutations in G-CSFR are a cause of Kostmann syndrome, also known as severe congenital neutropenia 10UG hG-CSF R/CD114 VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Human IL-27 R alpha/WSX-1/TCCR (NP_004834)

IL27RA is involved in the regulation of Th1 type immune responses. It may also be involved in innate defense mechanisms 10UG hIL-27 Ra VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems Rat GPR35 (NP_001032436) VersaClone cDNA

G Protein-coupled Receptor 35 10UG rGPR35 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris™ RQ 00203078

Potent and selective TRPM8 antagonist; orally active 50MG RQ 00203078; 4-[[[3-Chloro-5-(trifluoromethyl)-2-pyridinyl][[4-(trifluoromethoxy)phenyl]methyl]

R&D Systems VersaClone cDNA, Mouse IL-12 R beta 2 (NP_032380)

Both IL-12 R subunit extracellular domains are composed of three fibronectin-like domains and two cytokine receptor homology domains. IL-12R beta 2 also has an extracellular Ig-like domain 10UG mIL-12 Rb2 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris™ Hydroxy Dynasore

Dynamin inhibitor; analog of dynasore (Cat. No. 2897) 10MG Hydroxy Dynasore

Tocris™ Tertiapin-Q

Selective blocker of inward-rectifier K+ channels TERTIAPIN-Q, 1 MG


Irreversible caspase-2 inhibitor Z-VDVAD-FMK, 1 MG

R&D Systems Mouse IFN-gamma R2 (NP_032364) VersaClone cDNA

Interferon gamma Receptor 2 10UG mIFN-g R2 VersaClone cDNA

Tocris™ MM 102

WDR5/MLL interaction inhibitor 10MG MM 102; 1-[[(2S)-5-[(Aminoiminomethyl)amino]-2-[[2-ethyl-2-[(2-methyl-1-oxopropyl)amino]-1-oxob

R&D Systems Human IL-21 R (NP_068570) VersaClone cDNA

IL-21 receptor, Novel interleukin receptor, CD360 antigen 10UG hIL-21 R VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems Human EphA6 (NP_001073917) VersaClone cDNA

Eph Receptor A6 10UG hEphA6 VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems Human RAGE (NP_001127) VersaClone cDNA

MOK protein kinase; MOKMAPK/MAK/MRK overlapping kinase; RAGE-1; RAGE1renal cell carcinoma antigen (MOK protein kinase) 10UG hRAGE VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems Human EphA7 (NP_004431) VersaClone cDNA

Eph Receptor A7 10UG hEphA7 VersaClone cDNA

R&D Systems Human ALCAM/CD166 (NP_001618) VersaClone cDNA

Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule 10UG hALCAM VersaClone cDNA