Instrument Lamps, Lighting and Electrical

UVP Dual Tube Handheld UV Lamp

Select from longwave, midrange, shortwave or combination longwave and shortwave in the same lamp. UVP Ultra Violet Product™ Handheld UV Lamp uses two separate UV tubes for greater intensity than split-tube 6 watt models. UV LAMP 254/365 2X6W UVGL-58

UVP UVL-56 Handheld UV Lamp

Use these lamps for variety of applications including fluorescence of stained gels and sterilization. UVP™ Handheld UV Lamps are made of durable, lightweight plastic with an ergonomically designed handle. UV LIGHT UVL-56 6 W 365 NM

UVP Compact and Handheld UV Lamp Replacement Tubes

For use with 4w and 6w UV lamps. TUBE,LONG WAVE,SPARE FOR UV LAMPS LCF-440-020SAND 040M.

OHAUS™ CS Series Compact Scales

Lightweight, portable electronic scales, ideal for work outside of the lab BALANCE OHAUS CS-5000 PORTABLE 230V 50-60HZ X2.0G5000g

UVP Compact Dual Tube UV Lamp

Uses two separate tubes for greater light intensity. UVP Ultra Violet Product™ Compact Dual Tube UV Lamp is lightweight, AC powered, and portable. UV LAMP UVGL-25 4W-254/365NM

UVP Blak-Ray™ B-100AP High-Intensity UV Inspection Lamps: Exposure Box

For use with Blak-Ray™ Model B-100AP/R lamp Exposure Box UVP for UV curing for B-100AP, B-100A

Mettler Toledo™ Halogen Moisture Analyzer HX204

High Performance Moisture Analysis Moisture analyser Mettler Toledo Excellence HX204Halogen 200g capacity 110-230V50-60Hz 40°C to

Sartorius™ MA35 Infrared Moisture Analyzer

The basic model for quick and reliable analysis of the material moisture of liquid, pasty and solid substances using the thermogravimetric method. The compact and rugged design, combined with great precision and measurement accuracy, make the MA35 the ideal device for uniform measuring tasks. Infrared Moisture Analyzer MA35M

UVP Blak-Ray B-100 Series High Intensity UV Lamp

High-powered lamp with brilliant irradiance for optimum fluorescence. UVP™ Blak-Ray B-100 Series High Intensity UV Lamp is designed with cool-touch housing. LAMP ULTRAVIOLET MODEL B100AP (UVP)

UVP Standard Mercury Pen-Ray Models

Low-pressure mercury gaseous discharge handheld lamps are ideal for small apertures requiring spectroscopic wavelength calibration, sterilization, UV curing or fluorescence detection applications MERCURY LAMP UVP 11SC-2 PEN-RAY LIGHTED LENGTH19.1mm 254nm 220-240V 50-60Hz use with PS1 power

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ UVP 3UV Ultraviolet Lamp

Photoactivate crosslinkers in UV-crosslinking methods with these compact, UV-lamps with 252nm, 302nm and 365nm short to long wavelength bulbs. 3UV LAMP

UVP™ UVG-54 Handheld UV Lamp, 254nm

Hand-held 6 watt, shortwave UV lamp is uniquely designed with an ergonomically designed handle. UVP™ UVG-54 Handheld UV Lamp, 254nm is a compact 230V unit designed for use in sterilization and sanitation applications. UV LAMP UVG-54 6 W 254 NM

UVP Ultra Violet Light Product™ Split Tube Handheld UV Lamp

Mask the SW or LW portion of the bulb using the snap-on wavelength selector. UVP Ultra Violet Product™ Split Tube Handheld UV Lamp utilizes a single split-tube for both shortwave and longwave UV light emissions. UV LIGHT

SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging™ KL 1600 LED Cold Light Source

A multiple LED driven light source to provide an attractive alternative to conventional halogen cold light sources. Brightness is equivalent to a 150-watt halogen lamp and therefore ideal as a powerful illumination system for the requirements of all modern stereo microscopes. KL 1600 LED Light Source, w/o power cord **Pleaseorder separately 15356678**

SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging KL 1500 HAL Cold light sources

Professional halogen light source for fiber optics, a light source with the full 150 Watt halogen spectrum . Delivered without power cord KL 1500 HAL Light Source, (w/o power cord)

UVP Replacement UV Tubes

For use with 8w UV lamps. Tube ultrviolet 8W 365nm

UVP UVG-11 Compact UV Lamp

Use these lamps for variety of applications including fluorescence of stained gels and sterilization. UVP™ Compact UV Lamps are made of durable, lightweight plastic with an ergonomically designed handle. UV LAMP SERIE COMPACTE UVG-11

SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging™ KL300 LED Cold Light Source

Innovative fiber optic LED light source uses cold light to illuminate all types of objects in life science and industrial applications. The brightness equivalent to a 30-watt halogen lamp is ideal as a standard illumination system for the requirements of routine inspections and education. KL 300 LED Cold Light Source, 100-240V incl. power supply

Medline Scientific™ 30W Halogen Bulbs

Providing superior illumination in the laboratory. Bulb halogen 6V 30W G4 (each)Bulb halogen 6V 30W G4 (each)

UVP 3UV™ Lamp

Innovative, versatile, and patented UV lamp for multiple applications. UVP™ 3UV™ Lamp provides longwave, shortwave and midrange UV light in one lamp. LAMP UVP 3UV-38 3UV MULTI-WAVELENGTH 8W COMES W/1x 254nm, 1 x 302nm and 1 x 365nm tube

UVP Mini UV Lamp

Manufactured of impact-resistant plastic which resists fading or cracking. UVP™ Mini UV Lamps are small enough to fit in a pocket. Lightweight, portable lamp is excellent for field use. LAMP UVP UVG4 UV MINI 4 X AA BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDed) 4W 159mm x 25mm x 64mm

Schott Fiber Optics™ Cold Led Light Source

KL 2500 LED Light Source (w/o power cord), voltage 100 -240 V

SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging™ EasyLED Double Spotlight Plus

Ergonomic and compact LED Spot illumination system for stereo microscopy and macroscopy. Power supply included. Spot LED Double Spotlight Plus System, power supply 100-240v included

UVP Lamp Stands

Allows easy and comfortable hands free operation of UV lamps LAMP STAND J138

UVP UVGL-15 Compact UV Lamp

Use these lamps for variety of applications including fluorescence of stained gels and sterilization. UVP™ Compact UV Lamps are made of durable, lightweight plastic with an ergonomically designed handle. UV LAMP UVGL-15 4W 254/365NM

UVP Filter Assemblies for Handheld EL Series UV Lamps

Filter assembly UVP for use with 4W EL series UVlamps, UVL-24

Ohaus™ VFS Series Stainless Steel Floor and Pit Mount Scale

Multifunctional scale for standard washdown applications. Ohaus™ VFS Series Stainless Steel Floor and Pit Mount Scales are powered by four IP68 hermetically sealed load cells designed for years of daily use in industrial environments to offer a combination of affordability, versatility and quality. S STEEL BALANCE PLATFORM VFS+T51XW

UVP Mini UV Lamps

Battery operated and used as portable lamp for industrial, laboratory, lapidary and field inspections. LAMP UVP MINI, UV IMPACT-RESISTANT PLASTIC REQUIREs 4 x AA batteries (sold separately) 254nm/365nm

SCHOTT AG Lighting and Imaging™ Gooseneck Double light guide

Fiber optic flex and stay lightguide in a black lacquered semi-rigid gooseneck tubing. Gooseneck Light Guide Double PURAVIS, Ø 4,5 mm / 600 mm