Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ Survey Detectors

Detect isotopes most commonly used in the lab with Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ Survey Detectors. Survey meter Thermo Scientific SM-2 with detector

Fisherbrand™ Radiation Box Beta

Beta TipBox-Large 5L, 1/Cs

Fisherbrand™ Radiation Box Gamma

RADIATION BOX GAMMA WITH PLACES FOR 2bottles 80 x 120 x 90mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Acrylic Benchtop Beta Radiation Shield

Protect lab workers with these benchtop radiation shields, specifically designed for use during procedures which require the handling of β-emitting isotopes. RADIATION SHIELD BETA BENCHTOP ACRYLIC 457 X 305X 305MM (H X W X D)

Fisherbrand™ Beta 76 Radiation Bin

Beta Bin - 122L with Wheels, 1/Cs

Fisherbrand™ Insert For Maxi Boxes


Fisherbrand™ Adjustable Beta Shield CSR-SFLEXI


Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ Meter Accessories

Accessories for Thermo Scientific RadEye meters HOLSTER RADEYE SIZED TO INSERT

Fisherbrand™ Radiation Box Gamma

Gamma TipBox - 2L, 1/Cs

Fisherbrand™ Radiation Cover Beta

Beta Carboy Cover, 1/Cs

Fisherbrand™ Beta Radiation Shields

Beta Shield-Small Fixed 150 Angle - Flat Base,1/Cs, MA: CSR-S1

Fisherbrand™ Gamma Radiation Shields

Gamma Shield - Small Fixed 450 Angle - Flat Base,1/Cs, MA: CSR-S1OG

Fisherbrand™ Radiation Block Beta

Beta-Storage/Transport Block, 1/Cs

Fisherbrand™ Beta Bin 60 Radiation Storage Box

Beta Bin - 47L with Wheels, 1/Cs

Fisherbrand™ Adjustable Gamma Shield CSR-SFLEXITG

Gamma Shield - Adjustable 35mm, 1/CsCSR-SFLEXITG

Fisherbrand™ Radiation Block Gamma

Gamma-Storage/Transport Block, 1/CsCSR-STOREG

Fisherbrand™ Insert For Midi Boxes

Midi Insert - 32 x 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes, 1/CsMA: CSR-R1.5L

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Acrylic Beta Waste Shields

Completely enclose a large container holding solid or liquid radioactive waste with these acrylic beta waste shields, which are collapsible for convenient storage. BETA PROTECTION WASTE BIN 120L

Fisherbrand™ Beta Shields

Beta Shield-Small Fixed 450 Angle - Curved Base,1/Cs, MA: CSR-S1OT

Fisherbrand™ Beta Radiation Storage Mini Box Insert

Mini Insert - 20 x 0.5ml tubes, 1/Cs

Fisherbrand™ Curved Base Gamma Shields CSR-S1OTG

Gamma Shield - Small Fixed 450 Angle - CurvedBase, 1/Cs, MA: CSR-S1OTG