Gases and Gas Accessories

R&L Enterprises™ Bench Mounting Gas Cylinder Support

Reduces danger of accidents from falling cylinders or escaping gases, up to 286mm in diameter. R&L Enterprises™ Bench Mounting Gas Cylinder Supports come with fitting instructions. Gas cylinder support bench mounting for cylindersup to 230mm diameter

R&L Enterprises™ Steel Gas Cylinder Stands

Provides sturdy, secure support for gas cylinders in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Steel Gas Cylinder Stands are strongly constructed in nylon-coated steel. Gas cylinder stand steel for cylinders up to 146mm

R&L Enterprises™ Wall Mounting Gas Cylinder Support

Holds cylinders firmly and securely in a vertical position in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Wall Mounting Gas Cylinder Supports are comprised of a curved nylon-coated steel bracket. Gas cylinder support wall fixing for cylinders upto 230mm diameter

CK Gas Products™ Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas

227 GR Sulphur Hexafluoride 3.0 (99.9%) lecturebottle 227g

CK Gas Products™ Hydrogen Gas

57 LT Hydrogen 5.0 (99.999%) lecture bottle 57L

Oxygen Cylinder Trolleys

Trolley oxygen cylinder w x d x h 400 x 420 x

CK Gas Products™ n-Butane Gas

170 GR n-Butane 2.5 (99.5%) lecture bottle 170g

CK Gas Products™ Methane Gas, 99.95% Purity

57 LT Methane 3.5 (99.95%) lecture bottle 57L

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Concentrator Evaporator

Produce ideal conditions for fast, efficient evaporation. Stuart™ Concentrator Evaporators are a fast and convenient way of concentrating multiple samples in a block heater at once. GAZ MANIFOLD

CK Gas Products™ Ammonia Gas

170 GR Ammonia 3.8 (99.98%) lecture bottle 170gSegregation: Clear of living quarters. Separated f

Restek™ Wall-Mount Cylinder Holder

Prevent free-standing gas cylinders from tipping over and injuring personnel Cylinder holder Restek single wall mounted

CK Gas Products™ Chlorine Gas

450 GR Chlorine 3.0 (99.9%) lecture bottle 450gSegregation: Clear of living quarters. Segregation

J Young™ Manifold, dual bank, glass stopcocks, five ports


CK Gas Products™ Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

227 GR Hydrogen Sulfide 2.5 (99%) lecture bottle227g

Restek™ Ultra-High Purity Chrome-Plated Brass Line Gas Regulator

Reduce line pressure by 20psig or more Line regulator Restek single stage ultra high

CK Gas Products™ Hydrogen Chloride Gas

227 GR Hydrogen Chloride 2.0 (99%) lecture bottle227g

CK Gas Products™ Ethylene Gas

110 GR Ethylene 2.5 (99.5%) lecture bottle 110g

Restek™ CGA 170 Mini-Regulator for Natural Gas and Refinery Gas Standards

For natural gas and refinery gas standards Mini regulator Restek for natural and refinery

Restek™ Pressure Gauge Kit for Thermal Gas Purifiers

Use an in-line pressure gauge to indicate when thermal gas purifier getter tube should be replaced Pressure gauge Restek for heated purifier

CK Gas Products™ Nitrogen HP Gas

57 LT Nitrogen HP 5.0 (99.999%) lecture bottle 57L

Restek™ Indicating Hydrocarbon Traps for Air Compressors

Remove oil vapors and mist from compressed air Hydrocarbon trap Restek Indicating 1/8 inch fittin

CK Gas Products™ Helium Gas

57 LT Helium 5.0 (99.999%) lecture bottle 57L

CK Gas Products™ Methane Gas, 99.9995% Purity

57 LT Methane (Research Grade) 5.5 (99.9995%)

CK Gas Products™ Carbon Monoxide Gas

50 LT Carbon Monoxide 2.0 (99%) lecture bottle 50L

Restek™ Indicating Oxygen Traps

Prepurged for fast stabilization time Indicating oxygen trap Restek 1/8 inch nickel-plat

Restek™ Super-Clean™ Gas Filters

Gas filter cartridges with a high-purity output to ensure 99.9% pure gas for laboratories Hydrocarbons filter Restek replacement ultra high

CK Gas Products™ Sulfur Dioxide Gas

450 GR Sulphur Dioxide 3.0 (99.9%) lecture bottle

CK Gas Products™ Argon Gas

57 LT Argon 5.0 (99.999%) lecture bottle 57L

J Young™ Manifold