Balance Accessories

Fisherbrand™ Hygrometer Replacement Batteries

For use with Hygrometers AAA Alkaline Battery

Eppendorf™ Vessel Holder

Vessel holder (set of 1x15mm and 1x24mm)

Sartorius™ Standard Leveling Foot

Replacement feet (spare part)

OHAUS™ Adapter Kit and RS232 Accessory for STP103 Printer for Balances

In use cover kit for easier cleaning. PRINTER CABLE FOR STP-103 PRINTER FOR TXXW,CKW55,CW11 kit 4

Mettler Toledo™ In-Use Balance Covers

Protects balances from accidental spills. Protective cover for MS-S with draft shield

Security Device for Pioneer and Explorer Series Balances

For use with Pioneer and Explorer series balances. SECURITY SYSTEM

OHAUS™ Sample Pans for MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers

Sample Pans for Ohaus MB series moisture analyzers. X3 Sample pans Ohaus re-usablefor use with MB-45

Sartorius™ Ink Ribbon for Sartorius Balance Printers


Mettler Toledo™ HX/HS Dust Filter

X50 Dust filter Mettler Toledo HX/HS 1 box of 50

Sartorius™ Disposable Chute Bags

X50 YWCG02 Abfallbeutel für AbfallrutscheStück

Sartorius™ Cubis™ Balance Display and Control Units

Variety of displays and control units available Small Screen

OHAUS™ Impact Printer Paper

For SF-42 printer. X2 Printer ribbon Ohaus for SF42 printer, Defender

Mettler Toledo™ U-electrode

U-electrode compatible with all balances large

Mettler Toledo™ Balance Accessories: USB Cable

Accessories for Mettler Toledo balances USB cable for the RS232 Conver 64088427

Sartorius™ Printer Paper

Paper for various Sartorius printers. X5 Paper rolls Sartorius for data printer YDP01MAYDP03-0CE und YDP04 (VE=5Stck.)

Sartorius™ Balance and Scale Dust Covers

Durable dust cover protects balances and scales from dust and dirt and from debris. Dust Cover (Display only)

OHAUS™ Temperature Calibration Kit for MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers

For use with MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers. TEMPERATURE CALIBRATION KIT

Mettler Toledo™ Weighing Pan For Balances

Used with PB-S balances with 0.01 or 0.1 readability. PAN FOR PB-S BALANCES

OHAUS™ Printer Paper for SF40A Impact Printer

For SF40A Impact Printer. X2 Paper Roll for SF40A Printer

Ohaus™ Density Kit

Sinker glass density kit for liquids

Sartorius™ Display

Sartorius Display 69LA0053

Sartorius™ Formulation V1

Q-mix app for recipe

Mettler Toledo™ ErgoClips™ Round Bottom Flask Holder

For use with round bottom flasks, beakers of XP, XS, XA analytical and XP, XS micro balance. FLASK FOR THE XP RANGE ERGOCLIP ROUND BOTTOM

Ohaus™ Foot Plate Set


Mettler Toledo™ Dynamic Weighing Kit

Dynamic Weighing kit XP XS

Mettler Toledo™ Transport Case for MS-S Balances

Accessory for use with MS-S Balances. Transport case NewClassic Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo™ Stand for XP/XS Balances

Terminal and printer stand. Stand for Printer Stand forterminal or printer

OHAUS™ Interface Kit for Navigator, Scout Pro, and TA Series Balances

Connects Navigator Series balances to peripherals, including printers and monitors. USB KIT FOR NAVIGATOR

OHAUS™ Sample Pan Handler for MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers

For sue with MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers. Sample Pan Handler for MB-Series