Balance Accessories

Fisherbrand™ Hygrometer Replacement Batteries

For use with Hygrometers AAA Alkaline Battery

Eppendorf™ Vessel Holder

Vessel holder (set of 1x15mm and 1x24mm)

Mettler Toledo™ In-Use Cover for PB-S/PB-S/FACT/PB-L Balances

Accessory for use with PB-S/PB-S/FACT/PB-L Balances. Mettler Toledo In-Use Cover is a clear plastic cover which protects balance front control panel from accidental spills. IN-USE COVER FOR PB-S AND PB-L CLASSIC RANGE

Sartorius™ Standard Leveling Foot

Replacement feet (spare part)

Mettler Toledo™ HX/HS Dust Filter

X50 Dust filter Mettler Toledo HX/HS 1 box of 50

Mettler Toledo™ Rubber Seals

X2 Flat seal Mettler Toledo for battery cover

Sartorius™ Printer Paper

Paper for various Sartorius printers. X5 Paper rolls Sartorius for data printer YDP01MAYDP03-0CE und YDP04 (VE=5Stck.)

Mettler Toledo™ ErgoClips™ Titration Basket

For use with 100mL Titration beakers, test tubes of XP, XS, XA analytical and XP, XS micro balance. Titration basket XS XP

Sartorius™ Balances, Power Cords

For use with Sartorius balances power cable

Mettler Toledo™ Large Platform Stand


Mettler Toledo™ Analytical Balances Density Determination Kits for AB, AB-S, and PB Series Balances

For the density determination of solids. Density kit Density kit for solid objects for

OHAUS™ Sample Pans for MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers

Sample Pans for Ohaus MB series moisture analyzers. X3 Sample pans Ohaus re-usablefor use with MB-45

Security Device for Pioneer and Explorer Series Balances

For use with Pioneer and Explorer series balances. SECURITY SYSTEM

Mettler Toledo™ Gas inlet Purge

Purge gas inletPurge gas inlet

RS232 Interface Kit, for OHAUS™ Scout STX and SKX Precision Portable Balances

For use with Scout STX and SKX series Precision Portable Balances. RS232 Interface Kit, Scout

Sartorius™ Covers for Secura™, Quintix™, Practum™ Analytical and Precision Balances

Protect your balances with these durable covers Base cover for Qunitix and Practum PrecisionBalance

OHAUS™ Temperature Calibration Kit for MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers

For use with MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers. TEMPERATURE CALIBRATION KIT

Mettler Toledo™ Temperature Adjustment Kit

Temperature adjustment set Mettler Toledo HX/HScertifiedaccessory for all HX/HS moisture analyser

Mettler Toledo™ Draft Shield for AB- and PB-S/FACT Balances

Improves the quality of weighing results, especially for balances with fine readability ranges. Draftshield 0 001G

Sartorius™ Q-Apps for Cubis™ MSA Laboratory Balances

Individual, downloadable applications that can be adapted to your specific operating procedures Q-APP UserCal V1

OHAUS™ Adventurer™ Pro Pharmacy Balance Covers

In use cover kit for easier cleaning. DUST COVER ADVENTURER PRO/SL

OHAUS™ Impact Printer Paper

For SF-42 printer. X2 Printer ribbon Ohaus for SF42 printer, Defender

Mettler Toledo™ Draft Shields for Balances

Weighing accessories for use with balances. WINDSHIELD 11131652 PLASTIC FOR XP1mg balance

Sartorius™ Balance Printers

Transfer data automatically or manually. Sartorius&trade ;Balance Printers record individual weighing data and generate a statistical evaluation of weighing data. Values transferred from an on-line weighing instrument are stored. WEIGHT SCALE PRINTER RS232Statistik

Mettler Toledo™ ErgoClips™ Round Bottom Flask Holder

For use with round bottom flasks, beakers of XP, XS, XA analytical and XP, XS micro balance. FLASK FOR THE XP RANGE ERGOCLIP ROUND BOTTOM

Infrared Sensor, for Sartorius™ Balances

For touch-free activation of functions (draft shield control). IR SENSOR FOR REMOTE CONTROLLING

Mettler Toledo™ ErgoClips™ Small Basket For Weighing

For use with test tubes, centrifuge tubes or small plastic tubes of XP, XS, XA analytical and XP, XS micro balance. Basket XS/XP

Sartorius™ Rechargeable Battery Pack for Secura™ and Quintix™ Semi Micro Balances

For use with Secura and Quintix Semi-Micro balances (14-560-017 through -020). External rechargeable battery pack, 49 Wh (4.4 Ah/11.1 V), DC 15 V/1A, 5 V/1A

Ohaus™ Foot Plate Set