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Science World Leicester

  "The event was amazing. Very informative, very well organised and held at a great venue. Thanks!”
-  Customer feedback

Science World Leicester

  "A good chance to meet the public and catch up with Fisher Scientific personnel too”
-  Steve Young, Nickel Electro


Science World Madrid

  "I think this was the best Science World event outside of the U.K. There were a lot of delegates, lots of interaction, a great layout and overall a great day”
Patrick Kemnic, OHAUS/Mettler Toledo

Science World Manchester

  “Loved the keynote speeches. They were brilliantly delivered and very interesting”
-  Customer feedback

  “Had some excellent technical discussions and managed to kick off some quotes for new equipment I need”
-  Customer feedback


Science World Frankfurt

  “The organisation was perfect. Thermo Fisher Scientific is a great host for both suppliers and visitors. Well done!”
-  Ruud Sleumer, Kimberley-Clark Professional*

  “Compared to similar events, it offered superior service (bus transfer and catering) and was really fun, entertaining programme and relaxed atmosphere at the stands”
-  Customer feedback

Science World Millbrook

  “A wonderful experience and a very enjoyable day out. Thank you Fisher Scientific!!”
-  Customer feedback

  “My main interest in Science World was to have a face to face meeting with suppliers and manufacturers”
-  Customer feedback


Science World Berlin

   “Everything was very well organised. There were many popular lectures …. The diversity of the companies was also very good …. A good surprise was the show with experiments - I laughed so much. Everything was simply very, very good”
-  Customer feedback

  “Good organisation, the location was good, everything was good!”
-  Stefanie Beiter, Edmund Bühler GmbH

Science World Strasbourg

  “Good contacts, both with clients and Fisher Scientific staff”
-  Stephane Schein, Spectracer

  “The best part of the day, for me, was the extraordinary presentation of Yves Coppens”
-  Customer feedback

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