Devices specifically designed for continuous motion (orbital, reciprocating, rolling, rocking) to provide accurate and reliable sample preparation of liquids and suspensions. Accessories and replacement parts are also available.

Shakers, rockers, and rotators are key items of equipment for mixing and agitating a wide range of sample types in many biological, clinical, or industrial laboratories.

An electric motor unit drives a moving platform, deck, rotisserie, roller, drum or other support to which the samples are secured, often with the help of an adapter. The motor speed may be adjustable, to offer a gentle mixing motion or a more vigorous high-speed mixing action.

Shakers typically provide one or more motion options and may rotate their samples in horizontal, vertical, or multi-directional planes.

Different models of shakers, rockers, and rotators are designed to accommodate tubes, microplates, culture flasks, bottles, or similar vessels. Mini-shakers are small and space-saving, other shakers, rockers and rotators may be standard-size benchtop models, and some are free-standing and stackable. Other models are humidity- or CO2-resistant and specifically designed for operation inside refrigerators, incubators, or other controlled enclosures. Some shakers are designed to provide heating and incubation, or cooling and refrigeration, and are supplied with a cover to control temperature and humidity.

Many shakers, rockers, and rotators are microprocessor-controlled, with programmable functionality, digital displays, and alarms.

Typical applications of shakers, rockers, and rotators include the following:
• Cell culture and microbial culture
• Molecular biology, PCR, genomics and proteomics, including gel and blot processing
• Clinical hematology and serological testing
• Dissolving, suspending or mixing media, chemicals, or other solutions

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