Chromatography Solvents, Reagents and Standards

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Honeywell Products For Chromatography

With Honeywell chromatography products, you gain the confidence of high standards and optimal outcomes. Our solvents, ready to use solvent blends, eluent additives, and analytical standards enable laboratories to utilise high quality products throughout the entire chromatography workflow.

Solvents and Blends
Solvents And Blends

Essential for verifying sample purity and identity

Because accuracy is non-negotiable, analytical laboratories around the globe trust Chromasolv™ solvents from Honeywell to provide accurate results. Our solvents and Honeywell LabReady™ solvent blends are expertly manufactured with the purity and consistency required for liquid chromatography (HPLC, LC-MS, UHPLC) to ensure your analysis is in the safest hands.

Honeywell’s approach to high-purity products, reliability and environmental considerations is reflected by our ISO 9001 and RC 14001 certifications.

Honeywell solvents and blends are available in various bottle sizes from 100mL up to 4L and returnable containers from small scale up to 1000L for direct connection to chromatography instrumentation or setup in central storage locations with a solvent line to the lab.

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GC Solvents
Solvents and Blends

Indispensable for GC purity analysis, quantitation and identification

Chromasolv™ solvents for gas chromatography analysis are produced to meet demanding specifications and are application tested.

Our solvents for gas chromatography (GC) and GC-MS were especially developed for the residue analysis of pesticides and other low-volatile substances using GC. Non-volatile matter and water content are specified for each solvent.

The GC headspace solvents for residual solvent analysis meet USP, Ph. Eur. and ICH requirements for this application. The high purity is achieved through special, state of the art production and application tests, hence we can consistently deliver the reliability, accuracy and analytical safety you need.

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Analytical Standards
Solvents and Blends

Advance your analysis for greater confidence

Honeywell Fluka™ analytical standards include an expanding portfolio of high quality organic reference materials, produced according to ISO 9001 and suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

Every vial comes complete with a printed certificate of analysis (CoA) and is eligible for free expert technical support - ensuring you have the information needed to quickly start your analysis and pass relevant audits.

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Buffers and Eluent Additives
Solvents and Blends

Ensure the robustness of your analytical technique

Fluka™ high quality buffers and eluent additives enable analytical labs to optimise the performance of chromatography applications. They are used to adjust eluent pH to improve the robustness of the method regarding retention times and selectivity, improve the analyte signal or suppress unwanted signals.

Extensive quality control ensures the highest specifications are met. Honeywell offers a wide range of high purity buffers and eluent additives for liquid chromatograophy applications.

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