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Working in highly regulated industries, such as biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, diagnostics and testing can be challenging. Information and adherence to strict guidelines are crucial, and the more you know about your products and the risks involved, the more confidence you have in your production workflow. That’s why we’ve developed our SureTRACE program: to give you an added level of assurance that our products come with full traceability and an enhanced quality guarantee.

Products designated as SureTRACE items offer full traceability through lot visibility, guaranteed access to associated certificates and a supplier commitment to notify you of changes impacting product quality and supply.

By offering secure and timely documentation and product certificates with our SureTRACE program, we help simplify every stage of your workflow saving you both time and energy.

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Look for products with the SureTRACE icon to start benefitting from our traceability and quality assurance today.

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What to Expect with the SureTRACE Program

Easily find SureTRACE products across our website with the icon. This icon indicates that a product has undergone a stringent selection process to ensure it can deliver on our commitments of quality and traceability. With SureTRACE products, you get quick and easy access to certificates, proactive notifications of any changes impacting quality or supply and a guarantee of minimal lots per delivery — all at no additional cost.

Watch our SureTRACE video to find out how to:

  • Search for SureTRACE products
  • Opt in to receive change notifications and gain access to your Change Notifications Dashboard
  • Access certificates for assigned lot numbers

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How to Use the SureTRACE Program

How We Help You Ensure Traceability and Quality 

When you purchase a SureTRACE product, you can trust that it will help you fortify your operations by delivering on the promises of the following program cornerstones.

Look forward to an expanded selection of products and suppliers throughout the year.

Change Notifications

Change Notifications

Receive guaranteed advance notice of changes impacting products without limitation through our Product Change Notifications (PCN) service, which will alert you about:

  • Product discontinuations
  • Changes to the manufacturing site
  • Any other changes that might impact the quality, form, fit or function of the product

All changes will be available through the Change Notifications Dashboard.

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Quality Management

Quality Management

Rely on our Quality Assurance team to ensure our products and services are consistently meeting your specifications and requirements. All Fisher Scientific sites adhere to quality policies supported by our Quality Management System and aligned with ISO standards.

Learn About Quality Management

Accessible Certificates

Accessible Certificates

Easily access lot information and appropriate documents such as certificates of analysis, conformance, quality or sterility from your Account Dashboard and the Order Details page once a product has shipped.

Learn About Accessible Certificates

Supplier Partnerships

Supplier Partnerships

Trust our selected supplier partners, who have committed to our SureTRACE quality agreement, to deliver the highest-quality products and services to support you.

Learn About Supplier Partnerships

Featured Products

Featured Brands

SureTRACE+: Upgrade to a Customised Solution

SureTRACE+ is like our SureTRACE program in that it provides full traceability through lot visibility, guaranteed access to associated certificates and change notifications. Whereas the SureTRACE program is an automated self-serve solution for standard catalogue products ordered through our website, SureTRACE+ is a value-added service tailored to your needs and expertly managed by our Production Solutions team.

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