Cole-Parmer™ Endecotts™ Stainless Steel Consistometer

Use this consistometer to determine the consistency of viscous materials by measuring the distance that the material flows under its own weight in a given time interval. Cole-Parmer™ Endecotts™ Stainless Steel Consistometer checks against consistency, viscosity and flow rate standards.

SI Analytics™ AVS 370 Module 1 Viscometer

SI Analytics™ AVS 370 Module 1 Viscometer offers the extraordinary combination of both pressure and suction in operation.

SI Analytics™ Ubbelohde Viscometers, ASTM

Determine absolute and relative kinematic viscosity of liquids with Newtonian flow behavior. SI Analytics™ Ubbelohde Viscometers, ASTM includes ring marks to ensure that they can be checked by means of manual measurements.

SI Analytics AVS 370 Basic Unit, ViscoPump II

This Visco System™ basic unit is ideal for use in many laboratory, scientific, research, and other environments.